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Samuel on Insatiable Banalities #45

For those of you who just want the audio and can’t be bothered reading, click here.

On Tuesday May 16, Nattie and I were embarking on our evening walkies (which was walkies number 85 of the walkies cycle) which took us past the house of Loadedog (for the 5th of 14 times in the walkies cycle). When we walked past all was quiet and we kept on walking, but when we got a further two doors down I saw Loadedog’s ute going past, so Nattie and I turned back and went to say hello to Loadedog. A conversation ensued, one thing led to another (insert further clich├ęs here) and Loadedog invited me on to Insatiable Banalities…that very night, for “one hour between seven and nine”. I, seeking a clarification, pointed out that a two hour window had been nominated, and Loadedog just said to come for an hour sometime between seven and nine.

When I got home I checked a couple things, and then decided that 7:45 would probably be the best time for me to turn up, so I fired off a quick email to Loadedog to inform him (and in my haste sent it to an address which he rarely checks).

At 7:40 (or thereabouts) I left home, and arrived at Loadedog’s place a tad after 7:45, when I got to the front door I could clearly hear Johnboy talking about something…the thought of a nasty verbal stoush with Johnboy about me getting up his nose on The RiotACT made me rethink my appearance for about half a second, in which time I decided that I was already there, and having never met Johnboy in person I shouldn’t be trying to preempt what might happen (I try to preempt what’s in my postal mail sometimes…I get so worked up over what could be in an envelope sometimes), so I rang the doorbell.

The door was answered by Gertrude and Sharkie, who looked mildly surprised to see me (in fact I do recall Gertrude announcing on Insatiable Banalities #30 that she didn’t want me on the show, probably because I was in the midst of the Spin Starts Here fiasco and attracting a lot of torment-style attention), but did direct me in to the Insatiable Banalities studio. This can be vaguely heard at the 25 minute mark.

I entered, and followed studio etiquette of remaining silent until called upon, which did happen a few moments later with some introductions, Johnboy then found a chair for me to sit on, and the show rolled on.

A little bit later on they cut to a song, during which some conversation took place in the studio. Just prior to the return from the break, Johnboy said that he would start off the interview of me, to which I mildly snidely muttered “of course you will”. In hindsight, this may have been partially unjust of me.

Johnboy and Samuel Gordon-Stewart on Insatiable Banalities 45
(Johnboy and Samuel Gordon-Stewart on Insatiable Banalities #45, photo courtesy Loadedog)

Johnboy did lead off the interview, announcing that I was the only person to ever call talkback radio (and more specifically Mike Jeffreys) to complain about him (something which this article on RiotACT proves to be false), and the interview carries on from there with topics such as the name of Samuel’s Persiflage, personal impressions of Samuel’s Blog, personal impressions of me etc etc. Johnboy declared that the people who comment here on this site “are a band of some of the most subtle humourists at work in the Internet”, whilst I consider a lot of you “unfortunately legit”, not only because of your unusual ideas of hidden messages, but because I would prefer it if some of you were actually my own fictional creations, as I would love to be able to take credit for making up some of the things you all seem to write.

The question was asked about whether or not this site is really reflective of my interests, to which I answered “for the most part”, although the show did move on before I could accurately describe that. I do occasionally over emphasise some of my interests (for example I’m not very interested in construction, but I do love taking photos…and having photographic tours. I am interested in the progress of major constructions though), and what you see here doesn’t reflect my entire life. If I wrote a fully public, accurate, diary of my life, you’d all be bored to tears and would never come back, Jim Boots/Loadedog is mostly correct when he says that “you couldn’t have created a character that seemed more ordinary, verging on boring”, a statement which is probably true of most people who go about their lives on a day-to-day basis.

There is also the fact that the more of my life that I put on the Internet, the more personal attacks I seem to get. I did subconciously scale back the amount of “my life” that goes on this site after the Spin Starts Here fisaco, because some people seem to take joy out of making fun of others, and it hurts to be on the receiving end of a campaign like that. I did learn some things from that fiasco, but I wouldn’t want to go through it again, even if I had developed a thicker skin.

The subject of John B1_B5 did, semi-surprisingly, come up, with Johnboy making it clear that he is no fan, although I did explain that I probably have a better and different understanding of John B1_B5 from actually meeting him in person. At one stage Johnboy did try to force a straight answers on the question of whether or not John B1_B5 “shows every sign of someone who’s been sitting at home too long without any human contact”, I would have liked to categorically say “no”, but that would have undoubtedly prompted an all-out character attack against John B1_B5, something which I was already trying to avoid…in the end I think sidestepping that question with an answer which, to somebody who ONLY listens to that question, may come across as being on Johnboy’s side, and then going into logical reasoning as to why I think John B1_B5 is a perfectly fine human being, was the best action to take.

The podcast continued, there was plenty of banter during and between the segments, and eventually it ended. I stuck around for a little while afterwards, and Johnboy seemed like a much nicer person in person, than online, and it would appear that any bitterness which may have occurred have since subsided. I do get the impression that Johnboy could take “shock jock” over to the ABC though.

It was probably close to 9:20 when I left for home, and continued work on Samuel’s Persiflage #5.

Anyway, Johnboy has a mini-writeup of Insatiable Banalities #45 on The RiotACT, whilst Loadedog has a more detailed writeup, including the photo you see above, over on his website.

Insatiable Banalities #45 can be downloaded by clicking here, it goes for 1 hour, 3 minutes and 57 seconds, and is 36.5MB. I join the episode at the 25 minute mark, and I think you will all find the interview somewhat interesting…I know I did.


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RIP Tony Campbell

It is with a heavy heart that I must bring you the news that race caller Tony Campbell, the legendary stalwart of horse racing and associated sports in Canberra and surrounds, has died of cancer, aged 58. Tony passed away yesterday morning just before 8am.
Tony Campbell

I really don’t know what to say, it’s just very hard to believe that he is gone, especially when he looked so well only two months ago (as seen in the picture above).

Oddly enough, Telstra Bigpond Sport covered the sad news fairly well, so I will leave the words to them.

The NSW racing industry is deeply saddened with the news this morning that the ‘Voice of Canberra Racing’ Tony Campbell passed away just before 8am today after a courageous battle with cancer.

Tony Campbell, 58, had been associated with the Canberra Racing Club for 29 years in roles that range from Nomination Clerk to Master of Ceremonies. But, of course, Tony was best known for his role as racecaller for Canberra for 26 years.

During this time Tony called 25 consecutive Black Opals and is well known for his thrilling call of the 1992 Black Opal in which his great mate Frank Cleary’s Clan O’Sullivan became the first locally-trained winner of Canberra’s premier event.

Whilst Tony was well known as one of Canberra racing’s best ambassadors, he was also a passionate Canberra Raiders supporter and was the ground announcer at many of the Raiders home games in the early days of the Raiders.

In a long career Tony regularly called many Sydney races for the ABC and occasionally as on-course broadcaster for the AJC. Tony skills were very diverse, as demonstrated by the fact that he also called harness races including three Miracle Miles at Harold Park.

Tony was also a great community man giving up countless hours to entertain the residents of numerous Canberra nursing homes belting out some of his favourite old tunes on the piano. Tony always made himself available to charity organisations helping with many roles such as MC and was always happy to provide animated phantom calls when requested, and even acted as Santa Claus on the odd occasion.

Chairman of Canberra Racing Club, Howard Powell, said: “Canberra Racing and the Canberra community have lost one of their greatest ambassadors today. We are deeply saddened of Tony’s passing.

“Tony was known as ‘The Voice of Canberra Racing’ for 26 years and not only have we lost a great supporter of racing we have all lost a dear friend. Tony will be sadly missed; his passing will leave a void in our industry”.

While details are yet to be confirmed, it is likely that the funeral service of Tony will be held at St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Cnr Bancroft & Whilshire Streets, Dickson, on Friday, 26th May 2006 commencing at 10am, followed by a private burial, and Queanbeyan Racing Club will host a wake following the service.

At Canberra Racing Club’s meeting this Friday jockeys will wear black armbands and a minutes silence will be observed. The Canberra Racing Club Committee will announce a fitting tribute to honour the contribution that Tony made to Canberra Racing in coming weeks.

I suppose the best thing I can do for Tony is to award him with a Samuel Salute, quite possibly the greatest honour I can bestow on someone.

Rest In Peace Tony, you will be missed.


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