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The Tennis Ball Can Stop The Earthquake

Regular readers would be well aware of some of my odd dreams, but this one probably takes the cake.

I was standing in the dining room and there was an earthquake, when I looked down the hallway there was a set of stairs going down to a train station where trains were screeching with their brakes trying to stop them during the earthquake. A person standing next to me said something along the lines of “trains don’t like earthquakes”.

I walked into the lounge room where a group of people were holding a large pole and waving it about, one of the people yelled out that if they can get a tennis ball on the end of the pole, then the earthquakes would stop. For some reason I then went out to the backyard where somebody threw a tennis ball over the fence and I attached it to the end of the pole…and the earthquakes stopped.

I then walked into the backyard again, and found Nattie attending to a bunch of smiling tennis balls. I walked back inside and heated up a cup of coffee in the microwave, a woman was sitting next to the microwave and she asked me what I was going to do with the coffee and I informed her that I would be having it with my lunch, she looked up at the clock which said that it was 5:28pm, and she said to me that I should be more civil and have lunch at midday.

I took my coffee out of the microwave, and looked at the woman sitting next to the microwave, and she was CSI character Catherine Willows, I then looked into the lounge room and saw another CSI character, Gil Grissom staring at my lounge.

The dream then ended.


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Email To The Treasurer

After careful consideration, I decided to send an email to federal treasurer Peter Costello last night, via the treasury website contact form.

Dear Mr. Costello,
I don’t normally write letters to ministers, and when I do I am usually complaining about something, this however is not one of those occasions. Instead, this is just a short message to thank you for guiding the Australian economy in the right direction, paying off our debts, putting the budget in surplus, and providing sensible tax relief.

I know you aren’t one to speculate about leadership issues, but if the time should come that you become party leader, you will most likely have my support, as there is a very wise and level head upon your shoulders (and you’re not a bad singer either).

Yours Sincerely,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Does anybody else here think that an album of Peter Costello singing songs (including Abba’s “Money Money Money”) would be an instant success and add to the budget surplus?


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