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Old Intro for Samuel’s Persiflage

Due to popular demand, I have now placed the old intro for Samuel’s Persiflage online.

It may make an occasional special appearance in future episodes of Samuel’s Persiflage, but not as the intro.

The original Samuel’s Persiflage intro can be downloaded here.



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It’s a funny old day on 2CC and 2CA

Today has been rather interesting on 2CC and 2CA.

Firstly I was awake briefly at 6am and noticed the news was not introduced with “I’m … with Capital Radio Network News”, instead being introduced with “I’m … with 2CC News”. At this time I thought this might just be 2CA not taking the 6am news, or perhaps 2CA taking Sydney news, and then I thought about their recent listener feedback survey which was designed to help them improve the station, and suddenly thought that they might have dumped the news altogether. I was tired though and decided to worry about that later and went back to bed…more on that later.

9am rolled around and I heard Lawsie make his triumphant return to the airwaves, where he instantly asked the audience if they still want him to start the show with his snippet of useless information. I sent him an email about this which follows:

Hi Lawsie,
Welcome back, it’s great to hear you on the wireless again. I sent you a Christmas card late last year (it probably arrived just after you left), I hope it got to you safely.

Please don’t take away my daily dose of useless information, you’d be amazed how much easier life is when I hear a piece of trivial information in the morning which reminds me that there is still plenty to laugh about in this world. Sure, I’ll probably forget what the useless information was by midday, but at least it makes me happy in the morning!

By the way Lawsie, it’s now the Chinese year of the dog, so Nattie, my lovely little Jack Russell Terrier, says “woof” to you.

Have a great day,

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Lawsie sounded a bit gruff this morning, but that is probably to be expected from someone who has just returned from eight weeks holidays.

Around 1pm I was walking down to civic with my radio to get some lunch, and had a bit of trouble with the 2CC signal, so I flicked across to 2CA who would be running the news, only to find that they were finishing the weather and running an ad (at least, I think they were finishing the weather), so I flicked back to 2CC and rotated the radio which made the signal clearer.

I decided to investigate this at 2pm, and started monitoring both stations sumultaneously at 1:55, 2CA were in the middle of an outside broadcast from (I think) The Hellenic Club with a DJ that I don’t recognise, possibly confirming last year’s rumors that Brian James was leaving 2CA. There were a couple promos from the new female voiceover person, which reminded me of the local commercial FM stations, which were followed by her introducing the news at 1:58. This was from the 2CC/2CA newsroom, but was branded 2CA news, had a different sport intro which included the newsreader reading the sponsor message, and concluded with the newsreader reading the weather (new ground for 2CA who used to have the DJ read the weather) and fading into the next song on “the new sound of 2CA” or something to that effect.

At this stage 2CC were half way through their news with the same newsreader, which leads me to believe that 2CA news is prerecorded, probably at 10 minutes to the hour. This would easily enable the 2CA panel operator to choose an appropriate point for the song to appear under the newsreader. I must say that the few minutes of 2CA that I heard sounded pretty good, I haven’t really spent long enough listening to decide whether I like the music lineup, and I really do dislike news which isn’t on the hour (it’s a pet peeve, it drives me up the wall as I am used to news on the hour and often work out the time based on it), however flexible news does make music programming much easier to manage as you don’t have to deal with precise timeouts and the difficulties associated with it.

In related news, Mike Welsh is on holidays for two weeks, with Mike Frame filling in this week, and a “Pete” being eluded to as the fill-in host next week. I suppose this could be occasional traffic reporter Pete Lusted, or perhaps Peter Cochrane who filled in for Welshy at one stage last year. Of course, it could be a Pete that I have completely forgotten or don’t know about, but I would be willing to put my money on Peter Cochrane.


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Samuel In Dolgnwot Returns in March

The popular Samuel In Dolgnwot series will return in March as a sunday special. The new series will start on the 5th of March and go for many weeks. Exact details of the series remain unknown at this stage, but it is expected to last 10-15 weeks.

At the time of writing, the images for the original series of Samuel In Dolgnwot have not been imported from the old site, but can be viewed at I will import the images soon.


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