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Wayne Mac Book Signing

Earlier in the week I interviewed Wayne Mac for Samuel’s Persiflage episode two, where we talked about Wayne’s book, Don’t Touch That Dial. On this occasion Wayne had to rush off after the show and as such was unable to sign the book or have his photo taken.

We made alternative arrangements, which involved meeting for lunch and coffee today. During this time Wayne signed the book with the following:
Dear Samuel, Persiflage...gotta love that word! Thanks for having me on your show. Very best wishes, Wayne 2006

Here is Wayne signing the book:
Wayne Mac signs book

And a photo of myself with Wayne:
Wayne Mac and Samuel Gordon-Stewart

This was also a good time for me to hand Wayne an audio CD copy of Samuel’s Persiflage episode two and a thankyou letter. My standard policy for guests on Samuel’s Persiflage is that they receive a letter with information about the show (including the fact that it is now archived by the National Library of Australia), as well as an audio CD copy of the show, and monthly download statistics. At this stage the podcast hasn’t been running long enough for me to establish how long these monthly updates need to continue for.

You may recall that during my interview with Wayne, he was talking about John Kerr’s jingle from 1963 and was just starting to say something about John Vertigan when we were forced to cut to the jingle by an unexpected banging on the front door. Today I took the opportunity to ask Wayne what he was going to say, and he informed me that the jingle was part of a package of jingles where the main song was recorded and the names inserted later. Upon listening to the jingle closely it is quite possible to hear the difference in the way the various bits of the song are sung. This jingle package was used by many stations for many DJ’s.

For the record, the book weighs in at 1.88 KG according to my weighing of it.


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