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The Warehouse in Tuggeranong is reopening

As some of the Canberra readers may have noticed, The Warehouse (formerly Clints Warehouse) in the Tuggeranong Hyperdome has closed, however, my sources inform me that this is temporary.

This particular store was bought out by ADS (Australian Discount Stores), so whilst it may look like it is closing down, it is merely preparing for a relaunch with a different owner and possibly a different layout. I’m sure the people at The Reject Shop which is located directly above The Warehouse will not be overly excited to find out that they aren’t losing the competition.

I’m not sure when it will reopen as ADS, all I know is that it will be soon.


January 12th, 2006 at 11:47pm

The Mike Jeffreys Department Store

Before you all get the idea that Mike is opening a store, allow me to explain…as it was all a dream.

In this dream I walking through a department store which looked like a combination of Myer and David Jones in Civic, as I walked around a corner and out into square room with a large square counter in the middle, I spotted Mike Jeffreys and said hello to him, he said hello to me and then told me that he would be back on Monday and that he had to find all of his regular guests who were hiding in cupboards, and promptly walked off with a magnifying glass and some kind of tracking device.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find Donna Stanley, she will be in the section with the the soaps on DVD…not sure where you would find Trudy or the weather bureau though.


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