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James Goodwin heads for Television

Ex 2CC Newsreader and current 2UE political reporter James Goodwin is leaving radio for the realm of local television. At the end of this week, James will move out of parliament house, and into the Win Television studios located nearby in Kingston. James will, not surprisingly, be a senior reporter.
James Goodwin

I suppose James is trying to get some on-camera and on-air experience before making a move to something bigger than Win Local News. I’ve never understood the fascination with Win News, I always preferred Prime News and Ten Capital News over Win. Win have however, to their credit, become the only commercial television local news bulletin provider in the ACT (no, those 60 second ad break local news segments on the other commercial stations do not count).

Win do have this habit of treating even the most trivial story with the utmost seriousness, sometimes with a bit too much seriousness, however I’m sure it all looks good to prospective employers. Marguerite McKinnon is a prime example, having spent five years covering Legislative Assembly minister statement sessions at the back door, and the occasional other venues of MLA press conferences and meetings. Marguerite went from Win to 2UE (is James going backwards here?) and became the Federal Political Reporter where she “followed Prime Minister John Howard on his tour of Australia” (quote from her Seven News profile, which contains that stalker-like sentence, Maybe Seven should rewrite that) and is now working at Seven as a Senior Reporter.

Anyway, I will miss James’ detailed news reports from parliament house and his occasional detours into mitchell to fill-in as a news reader. Best of luck James!


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