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Weather Picture circa 2000

Today we have another piece of my artwork. I was going to do this last night but ran into issues with the video, which have since been corrected.

This has undoubtedly got you intruiged as to why I have a video accompanying one of my works of art. It’s a bit of a story, so let’s begin with the picture.

Weather Picture

This is a picture drawn with a combination of pencil and crayon, in the year 2000 (from memory it was late 2000). In it you can see some flowers, a duck under a table with a fish in a fishbowl on top, as well as a rooster, a tree, plenty of grass, the sky and the sun.

At this time in history, my good friend Daniel Gibson was working as the breakfast host on 2CA and weather presenter on Prime Local News (before it changed name to “Prime News” and was later axed…as was common in regional television circles at the time). I mailed the picture to Daniel at Prime Television, and he subsequently put it to air as the weather picture.

Daniel Gibson with my weather picture on Prime Local News

I recorded this on VHS, and have since put it on DVD and converted it to a few web friendly formats for your convenience. Depending on your operating system and installed software, you should be able to play one or more of the following, which I have listed in quality order.

Real Media format (3.76 MB)
Quicktime format (3.79 MB)
MPEG-4 format (3.70 MB)
Windows Media format (3.87 MB)

Each video is 28 seconds long.

I suppose if I were to ustilise the weather stats in the video I could probably find out the date of recording.

For the record, the lineup on Prime Local News at that time was Catherine Garrett reading the news, Phil Lynch presenting sport and Daniel Gibson as the weatherman.


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Yet Another John Kerr Update

I received a letter from Ian Sheppard, General Manager of Radio 2UE today, plainly explaining the situation, and pretty much saying that nothing is going to change.

At the very least, Mr. Sheppard did take the time to read, understand and acknowledge the concerns of myself and many others. It would also appear that he signed the letter himself, not via printer or stamp, as the pen marks can clearly be felt on the other side of the paper.

2UE also sealed the envelope with a 2UE sticker, sporting the old 2UE logo, which I will now have to peel off very carefully. What follows is a copy of the letter from Mr. Sheppard.

Dear Mr. Gordon-Stewart

Thank you for taking the time to write to express your disappointment about John Kerr moving from weekdays to weekends. These moves are never popular with everyone, and I can assure you that you are not alone with your feelings.

That said, I am delighted that John has agreed to continue on with 2UE for two nights each week. He will be back from his break at the end of January.

I’m Pleased that you do enjoy listening to Stuart Bocking and hope that you give him time to settle in to his new role. He is a very interesting, popular and talented broadcaster and we are receiving many positive comments about his program.

Thanks again to your letter and I trust you will keep listening to 2UE.

Kind regards,

Ian Sheppard

None the less, I will send a final copy of the petition to him, as it would be unfair on those of you who signed the petition for me to not send a copy.

Speaking of John Kerr, stay tuned as I have a 1963 John Kerr on 2CA jingle…coming soon!


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