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Mondays with Maritz: Computer Fixings

Dear and writings from the computer of is now fixed thanks to lovely Neighbour Mrs. Lesley of next door who did do come to look for see of why computer is not working properly and did do see of the cords in wrong places. Some cords were of not plugged in properly from when I did do moving of desk for the cleanngs and I did not do notice.

This is much good as I am did have the writings of emails to Mother of Russia from computer of Mrs. Lesley but was not doing the receivings and so now have do see of many emails of which did not do see in times of previous which does do include photo of nice mouse Squeelivich who is well and good and enjoying the cheeses.

Last week I did do writings of story for teacher of the Englishes Mrs. Porrit and she has done the correctings for the learnings and the story of correctings is here which I write out now so as to do understand of it better which Mrs. Porrit says if of good as must be do writings of it many times so that I can be do understandings of the lenghts of the place for grammars and the do.

I have a pet cat whose name is Slavcatchski. He is a lovely cat who snuggles up to me and usually behaves. I also have a pet mouse in Russia whose name is Squeelivich, which is similar to the noise he makes. Sometimes I buy a cooked chook from the supermarket and Slavcatchski eats some of it. Milk comes from cows which live on farms, much like some chooks.

Mrs. Porrit has also done do of many lines and notes on story I did write of showing changes to help with the learnings and been set has new task for me of the change so to see for difference from writing of hers to how I would be do write and so that she can see of the differences and do further helpings.

I am do good this week and hope the weather is doing rain as I am much do like of the rain and please to be having wonderful times of week in coming.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

August 31st, 2009 at 03:31pm

ACT Government return to their senses

Don’t get too excited…it’s only one issue, they have a very long way to go before they can accurately claim to be in possession of all their senses (I don’t think they ever had all of them) but it’s a start.

After this year, Melbourne Cup day will no longer be a public holiday, ending their bizarre experiment of turning one of the better days for the ACT economy in to a “everyone stay at home while we have a temper tantrum about the Howard government’s industrial reforms” day.

That said, Family and Community day will still be a public holiday, just on a different day. Not being one who likes simplicity, the rules which decide when this public holiday will fall are much more convoluted than necessary.

[..] to be held on the first Monday of the September/October school holidays [except] where the first Monday of the school holidays falls on the currently designated Labour Day public holiday, such as will occur in 2011 and 2012, the Family and Community Day will be moved to the second Monday of the term break

Why he can’t just pick a single date is beyond me, but such is life, and I’ll just be glad for the moment that the return to workday Melbourne Cups, for which I have argued, has finally occurred.


August 31st, 2009 at 01:23pm

Just who are Obama’s many many czars?

Barack Obama currently has about 30 “czars” in his administration. People who are completely unaccountable, and yet hold a large amount of power. Understandably, Obama’s love of the czar has prompted the question “who are these people?”, often with somewhat disturbing results.

For example, Van Jones, the “green jobs” czar with a rather long history of radical activism. Don’t take my word for it, here’s Glenn Beck with a brief biography of Mr. Jones.

This all raises the question…how do you trust a government which is giving high-level jobs to people with this sort of radical background?

Thanks to Heather Kydd for the link to the video.


August 31st, 2009 at 01:01pm

2QN/Classic Rock Regional News headlines August 31

A 29-year old man became the ninth fatality on New South Wales roads in the space of 24 hours on Friday night after he crashed on Deniliquin-Wakool road. Police say alcohol was probably a factor.

A 20-year-old Echuca man has had his car impounded following a high speed pursuit through Echuca’s residential streets on Saturday night.

The Elmore Field Days site is set to receive a major makeover, courtesy of a $330,000 dollar grant from the Victorian government.

Aged Care services in Echuca have increased by 62 beds following the extension to the Wharparilla Lodge, which was officially opened on Friday by Member for Rodney, Paul Weller.

Victorian education minister Bronwyn Pike has agreed to consider a proposal to establish a school for student leadership at the Kyabram Dairy Research Centre, which would offer a residential education experience for year nine students.

In round 18 of Goulburn Valley football, wins went to Shepparton United, Seymour, Mansfield, Rochester, Kyabram and Euroa. Rochester finished on top of the ladder.

In round 18 of Goulburn Valley Netball, wins went to Shepparton Swans, Shepparton United, Rochester, Echuca, Tatura and Shepparton.

In the Elimination finals of the Murray Greenham football league on the weekend, Moama thrashed Numurkah 20.23.(143) to 4.8.(32) and the Deni Rams were too good for Congupna 15.12.(102) to 8.15.(63). Next weekend in the semi-finals, Tocumwal verse Barooga on Saturday, and on Sunday Moama play the Deni Rams.

In the Murray Netball elimination finals, Congupna defeated Finley 47 to 35, and Tocumwal defeated Cobram 51 to 47.

In next weekend’s semi-finals, Tocumwal verse Congupna and Tongala take on Numurkah in a top-of-the-table clash.

In the Picola Football seniors. In the north west league. Berrigan knocked the Deni Rovers out of the finals on Saturday, defeating them by 35 points, 15.18.(108) to 11.7.(73). Berrigan now advance to next weekend’s grand final against Jerilderie at Blighty, Saturday at 2pm.

In the South East league, Tungamah defeated Katandra in their semi-final 18.14.(122) to 11.11.(77).

In Picola Netball, The Deni Rovers defeated Blighty 32 to 31, and will meet Mathoura in next week’s North West grand final. Whilst in the south east, Tungamah downed Katandra by one point, 37 to 36 in their semi final. Shepparton East will play Katandra next week for a spot in the grand final against Tungamah.

August 31st, 2009 at 09:26am


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