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Evening excitement

It’s not quite 1am, and already the day is off to an exciting start. A short time ago police chased a car to just outside my place where it was abandoned. A bunch of police cars with sirens blaring descended on my block, and then there was what sounded like a frenzied foot chase. I think they caught the suspect, as most of the police have now left.

The remaining police are currently taking photos of the abandoned car and chatting with their colleagues via their radios.

I can’t wait for the official press release about this.

Update 1:11am: More police in the area now, shining torches at this mystery vehicle, taking photos of it, looking in its boot, playing with its front left window, and knocking on house doors. End Update

Update 1:29am: I have never seen a group of grown men more fascinated with the boot of a car than these police officers. They keep opening the boot as if they’re checking that whatever is in there, is still in there. I guess they are waiting for something to happen, whether that’s forensics arriving or a tow truck, or something else. I just hope the mystery vehicle is moved by morning, as it’s blocking my car’s path of egress, and I have a rego inspection booked for 8:15am. End Update

Update 1:34am: And now they’re taking things out of the mystery vehicle and photographing them…and another police car leaves. Not many officers left now. End Update

Update 2:07am: Just as I’m starting to doze off, they start closing the doors on the remaining police car multiple times…seems that they can’t decide whether to sit in the car, or stand around outside of it. And here comes the tow truck. End Update

Update 2:20am: Mystery vehicle has been towed, and the police have left. Excitement over for the night. End Update

Update 10:02am: The 9:41am press release about the incident (it’s not online yet, I’ll check later and provide a link if one becomes available).

Man arrested after pursuit through northern suburbs

ACT Policing has arrested a 37-year-old Downer man after a short vehicle pursuit in Braddon and Reid today (August 24).

Around 12.30am police became involved in a pursuit with a white Subaru Impreza after the driver failed to stop. The pursuit took place in the area of Ainslie Avenue, Elimatta Street, Batman Street, Doonkuna Street and Allambee Street, as well as the laneway in between Allawah and Currong Flats.

During the pursuit an unidentified passenger managed to exit the vehicle in the area of Allawah Flats. The driver continued attempting to evade police until he came to a dead end and ran from the vehicle. The alleged offender was apprehended a short distance away near the intersection of Elimatta Street and Ainslie Avenue, Reid.

The motor vehicle was confirmed as stolen and during a search of it police located a syringe containing a substance suspected to be an amphetamine (speed).

The alleged offended will appear before the ACT Magistrates Court this morning (August 24) charged with driving a motor vehicle without consent, failing to stop when requested by police, driving in a manner dangerous to the public, driving a vehicle unlicensed, possessing a drug of dependence and property damage.

End Update

Update 11:02am: The press release is now online. End Update


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