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The Optus bird is no longer in the air

But that’s a good thing, because that means it will soon be serving up all sorts of content.

Australia’s latest satellite has rocketed into space after the Optus D3 successfully lifted off from French Guiana.

The Ariane 5 rocket, operated by Arianespace, lifted off from Kourou, French Guiana, at 8.08am (AEST) on Saturday.

Optus D3 will expand the telecommunications company’s satellite technology by providing redundant capabilities and expanded capacity for subscription television, free-to-air TV and voice, internet and radio services.
The satellite will take a few days to assume its orbit of 35,000km above Australia.

It will then undergo two months of tests before it commences commercial operations.

This does force me to wonder what will happen if it fails its tests? Would they burn it in the atmosphere and send a new satellite up in its place? That would be a rather expensive option, considering that hundreds of thousands of dollars go in to launching each satellite…I wonder what the return is on these satellites? They must make a lot of money selling broadcast space if they can afford the launch costs.

Too many questions for a Saturday night. I’m just happy to see D3 has been launched.


August 22nd, 2009 at 10:16pm

Hugh Rimington on Ten

Apparently Hugh Rimington has been with Channel Ten since April. I’m surprised that tonight was the first time that I have seen him on Ten News seeing as I see it every Saturday.

Hugh RimingtonHugh worked for Channel Nine for 16 years which included a very impressive stint as the anchor of Nightline, before defecting to CNN as a newsreader and Hong Kong correspondent.

It’s good to see Hugh back on free-to-air television in Australia, and I dare say that Channel Ten must be very pleased that they have Hugh working for them and not another network. Hugh lends Ten News a level of credibility which I think it has been missing for quite some time when it comes to reporting on federal politics.

It was quite a shock to see Hugh on Ten tonight, but it was a good shock. It makes me much more inclined to pay attention to Ten News in the future.

A belated welcome back to the country Hugh.


1 comment August 22nd, 2009 at 05:30pm

Coalition split not on the table

I see that the media today is playing up the possibility of a split between the National Party and the Liberal Party, now that the Nationals have declared that they will not support the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Today’s meeting of the federal council of the National Party discussed the ETS, but did not, at any time, issue an ultimatum to the Liberal party. In fact, the media speculation seems to be a media beat-up.

The Nationals’ formal objection to the government’s emissions trading legislation sends a clear message that it won’t support the draft laws as they stand, party leader Warren Truss says.

About 50 delegates voted to unanimously reject the emissions trading scheme (ETS) during Saturday’s session of the federal council meeting in Canberra.

“This is a clear message to the government and for people in regional areas whose jobs are at risk under Kevin Rudd’s CPRS (Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) that the Nationals will be standing up for them,” Mr Truss told reporters at a doorstop after the council vote.
Asked if he was prepared for a coalition split at the next vote, Mr Truss said the Liberal and National parties had so far voted against each of the government’s 11 bills that make up the ETS.
Pushed further on the prospect of a split, Mr Truss said it was a matter for the Liberals as to whether they wanted to change their position on the ETS.

“The Nationals won’t be changing ours,” he said.

So the real story here is that the National Party and Liberal Party might vote differently if the Liberal Party change their stance on the ETS. Wow, exciting story. How some bored journalists have turned this in to “the end of the coalition is nigh!” is beyond me…but points to them for initiative in creative writing.

I suppose it’s possible that they’re basing it on the other “end of the coalition” beat-up today. A story in The Australian where they reported that a recent meeting of some Nationals had discussed the possibility of it…in an idle chit-chat sort of way.

But Senator Joyce played down the possibility of a split, saying some Nationals were “kite-flying” and that no vote had been taken. “I don’t think it will happen,” he said. “Some of the most peculiar things get floated at party meetings. But it doesn’t mean they will happen.”

If I was bound to do every little thing I’d ever discussed in the form of idle chit-chat with mates, I’d be in jail for the next seven thousand years and probably be missing a couple limbs…or I’d be the new dictator of Australia. No sane newspaper would report on the ruminations of my idle conversations, and it’s a pity that they take the idle conversations of the National Party so seriously.


August 22nd, 2009 at 03:30pm


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