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Mondays with Maritz: Computer Fixings

August 31st, 2009 at 03:31pm

Dear and writings from the computer of is now fixed thanks to lovely Neighbour Mrs. Lesley of next door who did do come to look for see of why computer is not working properly and did do see of the cords in wrong places. Some cords were of not plugged in properly from when I did do moving of desk for the cleanngs and I did not do notice.

This is much good as I am did have the writings of emails to Mother of Russia from computer of Mrs. Lesley but was not doing the receivings and so now have do see of many emails of which did not do see in times of previous which does do include photo of nice mouse Squeelivich who is well and good and enjoying the cheeses.

Last week I did do writings of story for teacher of the Englishes Mrs. Porrit and she has done the correctings for the learnings and the story of correctings is here which I write out now so as to do understand of it better which Mrs. Porrit says if of good as must be do writings of it many times so that I can be do understandings of the lenghts of the place for grammars and the do.

I have a pet cat whose name is Slavcatchski. He is a lovely cat who snuggles up to me and usually behaves. I also have a pet mouse in Russia whose name is Squeelivich, which is similar to the noise he makes. Sometimes I buy a cooked chook from the supermarket and Slavcatchski eats some of it. Milk comes from cows which live on farms, much like some chooks.

Mrs. Porrit has also done do of many lines and notes on story I did write of showing changes to help with the learnings and been set has new task for me of the change so to see for difference from writing of hers to how I would be do write and so that she can see of the differences and do further helpings.

I am do good this week and hope the weather is doing rain as I am much do like of the rain and please to be having wonderful times of week in coming.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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