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Did 2GB’s schedule just change again?

7pm: Evenings with Luke Bona
8pm: Highlights of Alan Jones and Ray Hadley
9pm: Night-time with Brian Wilshire

I could be certain that the 8pm show is a new addition, replacing an hour of the 7pm show.

True? Or am I imagining it?


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Here’s a story which is different every week

The story of what will happen to people at 2UE. This week’s version, according to The Daily Telegraph, is that Steve Price and John Stanley will face the axe, Mike Carlton will move to a different timeslot, and Ben Fordham will replace Mike Carlton on breakfast.

2UE boss Graham Mott’s response? “I’m not going to respond to speculation.”

Probably not a bad response…if he responded to speculation, he’s never get the Tele and the Herald off his back…or other stations pretending to be the Tele and Herald for that matter.

When it comes to breakfast, I think they’re facing the same problem Seven News faced when Brian Henderson was anchoring Nine News…you just can’t beat ’em. Alan Jones is the Brian Henderson of breakfast radio. 2UE need to wait until Jones retires before making a move…although if they want to drop Carlton and his massive salary in the meantime to cut costs, they will get no argument from me. I’m not much of a Ben Fordham fan, but I’d much rather hear him than Mike Carlton any day.

There is one thing about all of this which I just don’t get though…why hasn’t the Tele or Herald asked 2UE’s Sunday night psychic Sharyn about this yet? Credible or not, her responses would make a great story.


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Mondays with Maritz: And of back from the good days holiday time

Dear Hello and to all of the readings today.

I am doing write of this on the Sunday morning time as from request of Mr. Samuel for the early writings this week as for he does do need of writings early. I am now back from the good holidays of driving of around the Australia which was most wonderful and wonderful to be doing see of the country which is good lovely country of produd citizen. As did I am do write in times of recent I was did meet lovely farmer man and his lady wife of knittings and I was much happy and of surprise when I did do come home to find the letter of from them with also a card which I did drop of by accident at their house and they were much nice and kind to be doing send to me in the postals.

I am will be do bakery of cake for them to posting.

I have also been on the telephelone to Mother of Russia who is having the issues of email computer and can not be doing send of the emails and is though of do receive and I am did send the emails of from hodliday but was not doing hear of back and so was much lovely to do ring to Mother of Russia on thelephone and hear of voice and all is OK as Mother of Russia has been do of have some the healths in times of recent and is good to know that she is all OK and good and I was doing some of worry.

It was of sad to be doing hear of newses from Russia of big crashing from the buses in Rostov near village Samarskoye and does have me on worries as cousin Strodlichniv does do live in there and is not of answering the tephelphone and so is of worry but hope he is OK and is of possible that he is just on trips of which he does do disappear to do on sometimes and not of telling in before time.

Also of good is Mrs. Lesley of lovely neightbor from Next Door who does do say she was enjoying the times of with nice cat Slavcatchski and is much happy to recieve bakings in times soon. Nice cat Slavcatchski has been do naughty chasings of while I have been away on the hodlidays but is much happy to be doing see of me again and recieivincgngs the treats of tuna mango biscuits of the bakings.

I am must be do go now as I have lessons of the Englishes in week coming many times of catch up and have the exericises to write and practice for Mrs. Porrit in before times.

Please be do times of lovely in the week of coming and I am do hope to be do write again in next week.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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Photos of Googong Dam

As some of you may recall, in April last year I visited Googong Dam and took a whole heap of photos as the start of a new series of photos of Canberra’s Dams, but didn’t publish them at the time. I did upload them to the photo gallery but didn’t get around to captioning them…well I have now finally gotten around the captioning them, and as such they are now publicly available.

Some highlights from the 45 photos.

Googong Dam information sign at wallside carpark
Googong Dam information sign at wallside carpark

The dam, as seen from the dam-side carpark
The dam, as seen from the dam-side carpark

The top of the dam wall. It's great that the camera's lens fits though the wire fence.
The top of the dam wall. It’s great that the camera’s lens fits though the wire fence.

A newish sign
A newish sign

An older
An older “no entry” sign. Funny that it’s from the ACT Conservation Service considering that the Dam is in New South Wales, and has only recently come under ACT Government control.

The old eroded spillway
The old eroded spillway

The dam from the other side of the dam wall. It's a slight hike up some fire trails to get to this side of the dam.
The dam from the other side of the dam wall. It’s a slight hike up some fire trails to get to this side of the dam.

Queanbeyan River flowing through the rocks as seen from the cascades.
Queanbeyan River flowing through the rocks as seen from the cascades.

The right side of the dam wall as seen from the base of the
The right side of the dam wall as seen from the base of the “dry” side, plus what appears to be a door in the wall, and the pumping system feeding the environmental flow in to the Queanbeyan River. There is a powerline running from the substation near the pumping station to this pump. When I walked back from here, I noticed a sign saying that the path to the wall is not open for public access…oops!

The Googong Dam substation. It's amusing that the dam is run by ACT water/electricity/gas utility ActewAGL, and yet the substation is run by Country Energy.
The Googong Dam substation. It’s amusing that the dam is run by ACT water/electricity/gas utility ActewAGL, and yet the substation is run by Country Energy.

More photos of Googong Dam are up on the photo gallery at


July 27th, 2009 at 08:37am

There’s a Harvey Norman in Ireland?

Whilst reading through a story on about comments Harvey Norman Chairman Gerry Harvey made on ABC TV’s Inside Business program about Australia being over the worst of the economic crisis, I was stunned to read the following:

Mr Harvey said the 16 Harvey Norman stores in Ireland were operating in a challenging economic environment, which was showing no signs of improvement.

“That economy has been absolutely battered so we’ve got stores over there that are down 10, 20, 30, 40 per cent on last year,” Mr Harvey said.
Mr Harvey said the Irish stores would lose millions as a result of the economic downturn.

Although I was surprised to learn that there are Harvey Norman stores in Ireland, I’m much more interested in something else…what would this sound like with an Irish accent?
Download MP3

Would anybody like to record a version with an Irish accent?


July 27th, 2009 at 03:56am

The Internet’s down at 2GB

G’day Andrew,

The internet’s down…well that would explain why the main Windows Media webstream is down. The RealPlayer one is working fine though. Just thought you’d like to know.

Boy oh boy did I have a shocker of a night on Saturday night. That knock-on try I emailed you about was the highlight as my beloved doggies got thrashed in both the AFL and NRL. It’s a good thing The Bill was on to give me some respite!

I hope Archie gets better soon.

Best wishes,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

And as soon as I hit “send”, the Real Player stream dies. I’m gonna hold on to this one for the next time I’m told not to mention on-air that the Internet had gone down at radio stations I’m working at, because “it makes them sound really small”. If anything, I think it adds to the listeners’ experience and makes the whole thing just that bit more entertaining.

July 27th, 2009 at 03:41am


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