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July 27th, 2009 at 08:06pm

The story of what will happen to people at 2UE. This week’s version, according to The Daily Telegraph, is that Steve Price and John Stanley will face the axe, Mike Carlton will move to a different timeslot, and Ben Fordham will replace Mike Carlton on breakfast.

2UE boss Graham Mott’s response? “I’m not going to respond to speculation.”

Probably not a bad response…if he responded to speculation, he’s never get the Tele and the Herald off his back…or other stations pretending to be the Tele and Herald for that matter.

When it comes to breakfast, I think they’re facing the same problem Seven News faced when Brian Henderson was anchoring Nine News…you just can’t beat ’em. Alan Jones is the Brian Henderson of breakfast radio. 2UE need to wait until Jones retires before making a move…although if they want to drop Carlton and his massive salary in the meantime to cut costs, they will get no argument from me. I’m not much of a Ben Fordham fan, but I’d much rather hear him than Mike Carlton any day.

There is one thing about all of this which I just don’t get though…why hasn’t the Tele or Herald asked 2UE’s Sunday night psychic Sharyn about this yet? Credible or not, her responses would make a great story.


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  • 1. dave1  |  July 27th, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    I can only hope that 2CC takes the opportunity with the 2UE reshuffle to punt Mr Parton.
    Would love to see how ratings are going since he took over from the witty and popular Mike Jeffreys.
    Partons opinions are so wishy washy, and chop and change day by day. He lacks to guts to give Mr Barr or that old mothball Hargreaves a good spanking.
    I dont actually mind Steve Price, and enjoy his show, although he comes across as a bit of a toff, something that should have left with John Laws. Tim Websters show is entertaining, and he is down to earth, I think this must reflect in his ratings. A bit more canberra content would be nice.
    Welshie’s a left wing hard hitter – the opposite of me – but I like that.
    Be nice to get 2GB in Canberra, as I would really enjoy listening to Hadley. (had to opportunity to meet him last weekend, he is very approachable and friendly for someone who earns sooooo much)
    There should be more room for more local radio. We have some good talent. I hear Mike Frame now and then. He is sensible, and comes across well.
    2CC line up. Breakfast – Welshie & Mike Frame, 9-noon Price or Hadley Noon-3 Webster 3-6 Jeffreys (i wish) or that guy from the Fyshwick ads. he has been around for ages, has been doing the man about town, and did breakfast on 2CA and 2CC Years ago???
    As for Mark, he has a place on 2CA, he is entertaining when he limited time to express his ‘sit on the fence’ retoric.

    Hopefully the 2CC summer weekend lineup of boring old 2UE silvertales gets dropped for 2GB’s Big Mahn and Steve Roach.

    My .02


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