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Ashes Coverage

This is horrifying. 9:05pm on SBS Two One, a bunch of commentators trying to fall asleep and take everyone else with them:

That could have made the umpire move … but it didn’t

Turn on the ABC Radio coverage only to find them plugging for a good couple of minutes…then they returned to Cardiff, and spend the next five minutes plugging the fact that you can send them emails and text messages, followed by the commentators confusing each other about Twitter.

And I thought Nine’s commentators were bad…

Update: Now that ABC Radio’s commentators (via BBC Radio) have started talking about the cricket again, it is quite clear that they are much better than the commentators on SBS (via Sky TV UK). It’s just a pity that the TV coverage is, as usual for sport covered on TV and radio, behind the radio coverage by a handful of seconds.

Anyhoo, I think I’ll turn the cricket off and watch Godzilla. A good CG monster movie sounds like a good cure for a lack of anything except cricket on television to me.End Update

Further Update: I will, however, give SBS credit for screening the cricket in high definition, and Sky UK credit for having better, and less intrusive, graphics than Nine. End Update


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TV Notes for a Wednesday night

The big question on my mind tonight is whether the 90 minutes series final of Thank God You’re Here on Seven or The Ashes on SBS Two will win the ratings for 7:30pm to 9pm tonight? I’m tipping Thank God You’re Here, and I expect the ratings for The Ashes to pick up later on and definitely win the wee hours. Not that I really care about The Ashes at this stage…a bit later on in the series perhaps.

I was also quite amused to be informed in the first ad break during Thank God You’re Here that Seven will have full coverage of Michael Jackson’s funeral on Wednesday, starting with a special early start to Sunrise at 3am. This only minutes after the extended edition of Today Tonight finished. Somebody schedule a promo for the wrong day?

And every time I see a Hyundai ad with Mark Ferguson, I’m reminded that I wonder if his new contract with Seven will prevent him from appearing on other networks? And if so, at what cost to them? It’s a clause which Nine either forgot or couldn’t afford.

Oh, and I see that the Sci Fi Channel has changed name to the SyFy Channel (thanks to Casey Hendrickson for the tipoff). Stupid name change and a half, and they get to sit in my bad books for a while for cancelling Stargate Atlantis at the end of Series Five when it was really hitting its stride.


July 8th, 2009 at 08:07pm

Terminator 4: A Brief Review

Having just seen Terminator 4 at the Dendy Cinema in Civic, I feel compelled to review it.

The one word review: Brilliant.

The slightly more wordy review: An excruciatingly slow start which makes you wonder if there will ever be a plot, but the slow start really builds the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of confusion and pure survival extremely well, and leads in to a great middle, and brilliant end.

Best of all, it seems to completely skip the fact that there was a third Terminator movie (eg. T3’s story is entirely optional in the grand scheme of things, which is great because it was a shocker of a film).

Sequel likely. I give it five stars (he said, digging around for that star graphic)
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star


July 8th, 2009 at 12:07am


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