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It must be some sort of insulation

Apparently the price of petrol is falling:

Petrol prices have fallen for the first time in seven weeks as oil cartel OPEC begins to consider yet another cut in crude output.

The national average price of unleaded fell 2.3 cents last week and sits at $1.20 a litre.

CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian believes the price will fall further in the coming fortnight.

“Motorists can look forward to pump prices falling by another five cents a litre in a fortnight’s time,” Mr Sebastian wrote in a market update.

It’s still nearly $1.30 per litre here in Deniliquin. Perhaps we’re insulated from falling prices this far inland?

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if a petrol company media spokesperson were to use a line like that if asked about it, and I might just have to ask if the price stays up for the rest of the week.


March 10th, 2009 at 05:18pm

Can’t sell it so they’re giving it away?

This press release gave me a good laugh when it came across my desk a few minutes ago:

Free cycling training for local councils, community groups and employers in NSW

AustCycle is a new, national cycling training scheme that has been established by the Amy Gillett Foundation, the Bicycle Federation of Australia and Cycling Australia. AustCycle’s aim is to deliver high quality cycling training, by accredited trainers, to Australians of all ages so that they can ride further, more often, more confidently and more safely. This will result in healthier, happier Australians and a safer, cleaner environment.

Thanks to the Department of Environment and Climate Change, NSW (DECC), a limited number of DECC Cycling Vouchers, each worth $360 (plus GST), are now available FREE to local councils, community groups and employers in NSW. Vouchers can be used for adult AustCycle training courses, for everyone from beginners to experienced riders.

For further information about the vouchers, contact DECC via email at To apply for a voucher, simply fill in the DECC Faxback Form available o n the AustCycle website.

Find out more about AustCycle at For more information on this media release, please contact (name and mobile number removed – samuel).

About AustCycle

AustCycle is a new, national cycling training scheme that has been established by the Amy Gillett Foundation, the Bicycle Federation of Australia and Cycling Australia.

Full press release and any supporting media files are available here

One wonders if these cycling lessosn can be abused to the extent that I could have one of their “trainers” ferry me around on a bike with them doing all of the peddling while I “observe them for educational purposes”?


2 comments March 10th, 2009 at 02:49pm

2QN/Classic Rock Regional News Headlines: Tuesday 10 March

A Finley family had a lucky escape when their house was destroyed by fire.

Police seized a large quantity of what is believed to be liquid ecstasy in Yambuna, destined for the Maitreya music and arts festival.

People exceeding their water allocations and faulty water meters continue to be a problem in the region according to the latest groundwater usage compliance check by the New South Wales department of Water and Energy.

The new Hay Shire Library and Community Centre has been opened.

Deniliquin police have arrested three more people in relation to the brutal assault of 27-year-old plumber Nick Palmer two weeks ago, taking the total number of arrests so far to five.


2 comments March 10th, 2009 at 09:21am

Will Obama veto the earmarks?

It’s amusing to see how much is copied within the media at times. The title of today’s Rush Limbaugh Show Notes email is “Who Leads the Democrat Party?” which amused me because this is a question which Sean Hannity was posing to liberal (note for Australian readers: “small L liberal”, as in not conservative) callers in the latter half of last week.

It isn’t as silly a question as it may seem, after all Barack Obama did promise to not have any “earmarks” or “pet projects” in his spending bills, and the omnibus spending bill currently before the US Senate is chock full of them…8,750 of them totalling USD$7.7 Billion. Some Democrats are calling on Obama to veto the stimulus plan (and honour his election promise) if the earmarks are not removed by the Senate, which would send a strong message that Obama is in control and won’t be pressured in to doing things which he doesn’t believe are right. He could probably give the Republican party a whack at the same time considering that Republicans are responsible for 40% of the earmarks.

That said, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are quite keen on keeping the earmarks, with house speaker Pelosi referring to the current state of the omnibus bill as a “take-it-or-leave-it” affair…so if Obama receives an earmark filled omnibus bill from the senate, and signs it, one does have to wonder if Pelosi and Reid really are Princess Pelosi and Prince Harry, and the people really in charge.

I suppose it’s a matter of wait and see right now…but I’ll give you this much information for free: if Obama vetos an earmark filled omnibus bill, he will have my full support.


March 10th, 2009 at 08:41am


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