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That’s one large pothole!

An email to 2GB’s Jason Morrison:

G’day Jason,

Did I hear that properly? Did Warren just say in the traffic report that a “large pothole” has taken out two lanes of a road?

That’s more like a crater than a pothole! Perhaps if we make enough noise about it we’ll see Nathan Rees or Barry O’Farrell out there with a shovel showing us just how wonderful and responsive they are.

By the way, another great ratings result. Congratulations Jason.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Update: Yep, the 5:36pm traffic report has the same pothole. Two lanes affected on the Pacific Highway at Atarmon:
End Update

March 31st, 2009 at 05:26pm

Internet filtering debate tonight on Insight

The Federal Government’s mandatory Internet filtering plan will be the subject up for debate tonight on SBS’ Insight program at 7:30.

I am yet to hear a single argument for the mandatory filtering which holds up to logical scrutiny, so it will be interesting to see if getting a group of supporters together in a room will produce a coherent argument. I think they’ll be ripped to shreds by the opponents of the filtering.

What will be more interesting to me though will be working out how far in advance Insight is filmed. If it was filmed at any time today, then I expect Insight to use today’s statement from Federal Communications Minister and Senator Stephen Conroy, in which he said that the filtering will not stop child pornography.

I suppose that’s the final nail in the coffin for the supposed secret magical bits of technology that can determine whether a picture contains child pornography, as vaguely described to me by Jim Wallace, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby in an interview on 1WAY FM on December 22 last year.


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Photo captions with mobile numbers?

Whilst looking through News Limited’s fairly uninteresting gallery of photos from this afternoon’s peak hour blackout in the Sydney CBD I noticed this:
News Limited's picture of Mark Williams and Colin Strange, and accompanying caption
(click to enlarge)

Notice anything out of the ordinary here? A closer look might help:
Is that Colin's mobile number in the caption

That looks like Colin’s mobile number is in the caption. I’m not about to call Colin to check if he gave News Limited permission to publish his mobile number, as it is after midnight, however I might just have to do so during daylight hours. I’ve blurred the last few digits of Colin’s mobile number, but News Limited didn’t.

And if News Limited do have Colin’s permission to publish his mobile number, I do have to wonder what newsworthy purpose it serves, as I can’t see how Colin has anything to do with this blackout other than being one of the many people who was caught in it.


March 31st, 2009 at 12:23am


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