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Are Fox Sports running out of sports?

I’m forced to ask because every time that I’ve either turned on Fox Sports 1 or looked at the schedule for the channel lately, they’ve been showing Saturday night’s NAB Cup AFL match between Geelong and Carlton.

Sure, it was a good contest, but surely they have something else to broadcast.


March 9th, 2009 at 07:12pm

The issue which plagues the Australian film industry

Is either a lack of top rate actors, or a reluctance to find other top rate actors. Regardless of which one it is, the fact that the same actors seem to crop up over and over and over in leading roles, with a very small amount of variability, makes a large number of otherwise good or great films feel like they’re the same film you watched last week, just with everyone in a different costume.

Case in point, I caught the last half hour of Lantana on Movie Extra last night and felt like I was watching an amalgamation of about three or four Australian television shows and movies, all of which have had a few of the actors from Lantana in them.

This isn’t to say that actors should be excluded from working on more than one production…far from it. I just think that if the Australian film industry wants to be taken more seriously by the international film industry and wants to make films which have more international appeal, then they need to nurture a wider base of talent. The writing is good, but you can’t have an almost identical set of leading actors in every production without them all feeling the same, and people losing interest.


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2QN/Classic Rock Regional News Headlines: Monday March 9

The last two times that I’ve been in Deniliquin I’ve had people from back home in Canberra saying things like “it must be hard to fill a bulletin in an area like that”, and others asking what sort of things make the news.

The first group under-estimate the size of the broadcast area, and the second group are a tad overwhelming at times but have a good point. I think the news stories in this area may be of some interest, so this week I intend on posting the 2QN/Classic Rock regional news headlines on this website around 9am when all of the morning bulletins are out of the way.

Campaspe shire council will buy a property opposite the Echuca saleyards in an effort to stamp out ongoing noise issues, however the move may limit the council’s ability to spend money on other projects this financial year.

All of Shepparton’s police units were needed on Saturday night to shut down a gatecrashed birthday party.

The federal member for Murray, Dr. Sharman Stone, has responded angrily to calls by the South Australian government for a larger share of the water from the Murray river.

The Nationals Member for Murray-Darling John Williams has joined the F division of New South Wales councils in opposing an accelerated buyback of water proposed by Senator Nick Xenophon.

Murray Shire Council general manager Greg Murdoch says they are chasing Rees government funding that’s available for communities which don’t have high speed wireless broadband services.

Moama police are appealing for witnesses to a number of incidents over the weekend.

Tantat Secret won the Echuca Cup by a nose.

Echuca defeated Moama with just three balls to spare in Campaspe Cricket’s match of the round in Moama.


March 9th, 2009 at 09:24am

Email from the future

Looks like Gmail doesn’t handle email timestamps which appear to be in the future as well as it could

Message sent -1 minutes ago

Anybody feel like emailing the lotto numbers back in time to me?


March 9th, 2009 at 03:57am


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