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Bizarre dream of the week #2

Going to sleep shortly after watching a few episodes of Law & order is obviously not a good idea, because in this sleep I had a dream where I was a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office.

I don’t remember much of the early parts of the dream, but I do remember being in court presenting some argument when I suddenly forgot the details of the case, as well as the names of all of the people in the court.

The judge seemed confused by my mid-sentence pause and blank expressions, and asked if I was still Samuel. I replied with “Yes, your judginess, however the court room needs sleep”.

The judge agreed, however declined my sleep on the grounds that it was rude to call him “your judginess”, and instead declared that I was guilty instead of the defendant in the trial, but would not be imprisoned because he had also forgotten what the trial was about.


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Dear to all of reading

Hello and the much goodly mornings to the people of doing read today.

Mr. Samuel has done ask of me to be doing write to you today as I have not been of do write in times of recent and he thinks of concern for Mother of Russia which may be shared of by readings.

I am the happy for Mother of Russia who is at her home again now but is still being looked after by nice Uncle Boris who is of staying in house after trip from other side of Russia.

The hospital did do of say that Mother of Russia made mix of accident of the medicines for her of regular taking and the tablets of give to for nice pet mouse Squeelivich who is pet of mine but does live with Mother of Russia as can not be coming to Australia for law of customs.

Mother had been going to have operation for direction and correcting of bones in arm shoulder of left and right in weeks coming and did have operation before instead as while she was in the hospital.

Doctor Vladimir Strosnichkov has say that Mother of Russia is going to do recover of good and soon if mediciesnes are kept on regular for days of coming, and then Nice Uncle Boris will be able to do of go to home on other side of Russia on Tuesday or Wednesday in middle of week which next is come.

Until that time of do does come I will be still doing ring to Mother of Russia on tephelephone so that for doing sing of to over tephlephone of international callings.

I am do hope that you are having day of much lovely and wonderful.

From Maritz

Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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It’s up to Obama now

The US Senate have passed the USD$410 billion omnibus spending bill, so it’s now up to President Obama to either follow-through on his election promise of “no earmarks and pet projects” by blocking the bill, or bow to the pressure of Nacy Pelosi et al and sign the bill.

Sadly I’m tipping the latter…but as I mentioned yesterday, I would thoroughly support Mr. Obama if he decides to veto the bill.

Watch this space I suppose.


March 11th, 2009 at 10:50am

Pictures of Deniliquin: 2QN and Centrepoint Motel

A few pictures of Deniliquin. Firstly the 2QN/Classic Rock building on George Street. Unfortunately the satellite dish is not visible in this picture, however the microwave dish can be seen on the far left of the image.

2QN Building Deniliquin

And a closer look at the 2QN and Classic Rock sign at the front of the building.

2QN Building Deniliquin

Looking down Hardinge Street at the Centrepoint Motel from the George Street/Hardinge Street intersection. The room that I’m staying in on this occasion is directly behind the Centrepoint Motel sign from the perspective of this photo.

Centrepoint Motel Deniliquin

More photos tomorrow.


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An email to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell

Good morning Neil,

I have to disagree with you about a “one strike” policy for learner drivers. Learner drivers are learning, and are expected to make mistakes, which is why they have a higher demerit point allowance than provisional drivers.

All you would achieve by banning learners as soon as they make a mistake, is a surge in the number of unlicenced drivers, which means less insured drivers and higher costs to the community from collisions.

The current system isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.

Have a great day.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

March 11th, 2009 at 09:36am

2QN/Classic Rock Regional News Headlines: Wednesday 11 March

The region received some much needed rain overnight with areas receiving up to 20mm, and there’s more on the way.

Murray Irrigation Limited will consolidate all of its operation in Finley to a new building on their Murray Hut Drive site by the end of the year. Berrigan Council will purchase MIL’s Murray Street building and use it to expand the Finley library and other community services.

Vic Roads held a meeting with residents directly affected by the proposed construction of a second Echuca-Moama Bridge last night. The designs will be made available for public display and feedback by the 18th of March.

The Deniliquin Council is meeting this evening at the council chambers on End Street.

A Mathoura man was alledgedly caught nearly four times over the legal blood alcohol limit in Echuca.

Moama took out all three grand finals in the Campaspe Ladies Bowls.

The winners in Deniliquin mixed Netball were the Easy Beats and the Central Hot Shots.

And the Deniliquin Sporting Car Club had a number of winners in round one of the VCAS autocross series.


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Bizarre dream of the week #1

I’ve had a few strange dreams since I arrived in Deniliquin. I’ll publish them here over the next little while for your amusement.

The first one saw me have some (unmentioned) urgent need to get home, so naturally I borrowed a horse from the local IGA supermarket whose horses are quicker than horses from the local Coles due to the IGA staff letting the horses eat products within the store.

The horse was quick, as I was back in Canberra within the hour, dropping the horse off at the IGA in the Civic bus interchange. I walked the rest of the way home and was informed by the man at the door (who looked suspiciously like Malcolm Turnbull but had a voice reminiscent of Prince Charles) that my services were no longer required and that I should return to Deniliquin. A car had been arranged for me.

The car happened to be the old Landrover that I had for a brief period of time last year, not exactly a sight I was happy to see, but I didn’t really have a choice so I started driving to Deniliquin.

I must have taken a scenic route because there was a rather steep hill about half way to Deniliquin. It was raining and I was flagged down by two men on the opposite side of the road to a pub. The men handed me a note which had come from my parents and been flown to the pub by courier pigeon. The note informed me that I was heading to a destination (it read “Dear Samuel, you are heading to your destination. Regards, your parents.”)

I thanked the men for the note and continued driving to Deniliquin, however a bit further up the mountain the Landrover made an awful squealing noise, the gearbox vanished in to thin air along with the rear half of the vehicle, and I rolled back to the pub where the two men found the gearbox and the other half of the vehicle in a locker and decided to glue the vehicle back together.

The men then kept the vehicle, and sent me the rest of the way via courier pigeon (although I’m not sure if pigeons which are bigger than me are still pigeons).


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