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Spell Check Might Have A Point

According to Firefox’s Australian dictionary, “unticking” is a misspelling which should be corrected to “anticking”, whilst “untciking” is “unthinking”.

It might have a valid point.


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2UE Summer Breakfast

It looks like 2UE’s Summer Breakfast schedule is going to be a combination of the traditional fill-in and the weekend guys.

For two weeks from December 8 (or was that December 15? Fairly sure it’s December 8 Update: Now confirmed as the 8th End Update ) George and Paul will be filling-in for Mike and Sandy. Then for two weeks from December 22 it’s John Stanley, and for another two weeks from January 5 it’s George and Paul again.

It looks like we’re also heading back to the modified summer schedule where breakfast finishes at 10am, is followed by a four hour “morning” show, and four hours of Drive.

As for the weekends, with the exception of Glenn Wheeler filling in for John Kerr on New Day Australia, the whole thing is still a mystery.


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Operation RAID In Full Effect

I noticed last night that Operation RAID, referred to by the ACT Police as “Australia’s largest traffic operation” is in full effect. I had the pleasure of being pulled over twice last night and passing through another RBT site without being pulled over.

The first time that I was pulled over was at a static RBT site on Northbourne Avenue between the Barton Highway and Antill Street, a clever spot on what is otherwise a straight road, as it’s about the only place along there that they wouldn’t be spotted from a distance. It looked like they were enjoying themselves, although it was rather amusing when the police officer doing the licence checks didn’t notice that I was wearing glasses and asked if I was wearing contact lenses…stopping himself halfway through his sentence when he looked at me again.

The officer conducting the breath tests had a bit of a chat with me while he waited for his breath testing machine to reset, and then after a little while longer decided to send me on my way without testing me because it was going to take another twenty minutes for the machine to reset. Apparently the driver they tested before me had been drinking, and it takes a while for the machine to return to providing accurate readings afterwards.

I passed another RBT site on the Tuggeranong Parkway near the Sulwood Drive intersection a bit later on, but got past them without being pulled over. When I ventured near Northbourne Avenue again, they were gone, so it’s possible that it was the same people on the Tuggeranong Parkway.

On my way home, I was pulled over on Antill Street by a patrol car that seems to be lurking, awaiting people to drive past so that they could be screened for alcohol. A quick licence check and breath test and I as on my way again.

In semi-related news from a weekend press release, I would like to offer my best wishes to the female police officer who was injured in an accident on Hindmarsh Drive yesterday whilst on her way to an emergency call. I hope that she has a speedy recovery.


November 24th, 2008 at 09:06am


That might be one way to describe the latter half of last week and the weekend. Two friendships which appear to have disintegrated, another friend who I fear may be on the edge of self-harm, a job under threat, and one dead kangaroo.

Of the two friendships which appear to have disintegrated, one doesn’t bother me too much simply because I never really thought it was a particularly strong or close friendship anyway, but the other one, which was a very strong and fairly close friendship (from my perspective anyway) hurts. I’ve probably spent the better part of the last day or so trying to work out exactly what happened, and whilst I’m no closer to working out the reasons, I can see that there have been subtle hints left for me for some time now, and I just missed them. I think the friend was too polite to just drop me there and then, and has been trying to get rid of me gradually, and has now been a bit more blunt about it.

As much as I would like to know the reasons behind the collapse, I’m not going to bother asking. In some ways I think it would be better if I just stop thinking about it, although I will admit that it is very difficult.

As for the “job under threat” and the friend possibly on the edge of self-harm, the less I say about any of that publicly at this stage, the better. These are things which need to be worked out away from public scrutiny.

And the dead kangaroo, I can’t help but feel very sorry for the poor thing. All that it wanted to do was cross the road, I couldn’t stop in time, and now it’s dead. What’s worse is that it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone for one of my “I need to unwind” drives. It wasn’t a very mature kangaroo, but it was one of the more sensible ones, it was actually trying to get out of the way…I pity it due to the sheer amount of terror that it must have been feeling in it’s last few moments of life. I suppose I can take some comfort from the fact that it died virtually instantly once hit, and that it didn’t suffer, something which is fairly obvious from the fact that once I got out and checked on it, it was dead, with a large amount of blood covering the road from its head wound.

I know that roos get hit by cars all the time, but I can’t help but feel sorry for this particular roo. I suppose I’m lucky insofar as my car only suffered very minor damage (a small dent and a bit of missing paint as far as I can tell). Regardless, it’s got to be amongst the most typical, but worst ways, to cap off what has already been a spectacularly awful few days.


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