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Aircheck Sunday: 1WAY FM Breakfast

This week we’re heading back to October the sixth, Labour Day in Canberra, when I filled in for James Scott on the 1WAY FM breakfast show, and this is probably a good example of “if it can go wrong…”.

Overall I was happy with this, as I had a fair bit of fun despite the various technical issues. It was clear that the day was not going to go so well when I couldn’t get in to the building, and then at 7am the news played at half speed (a bulletin which I aborted, and produced my own news headlines instead), effectively causing me to rearrange my half-written running sheet for the morning.

There were a couple points where, if I had remembered to load a sting or two before going to air, the show would have been a bit tighter…one or two occasions where saying nothing would have been better than rambling, oh, and the 8am news intro didn’t play…at least the bulletin did. I was skeptical of whether or not that bulletin would work after the 7am failure so I made sure that hour timed out so that we could use the satellite feed if the computer system went mad again.

As I said, overall I’m happy with it, and I think I’ve learnt a few things from it.

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