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Something worth watching on television on a Thursday

I was just looking at the television guide for this evening to see if there is anything worth watching because, quite frankly, the usual Thursday night lineup isn’t very inspiring. I’ve lost interest in the two shows which I used to find interesting on a Thursday (namely Inspector Rex on SBS, of which I can only watch the repeats so many times before I start reciting them, and Law And Order SVU which really needs to be put out of its misery) and as such wasn’t exactly expecting to find anything useful.

To my rescue comes Steve Liebmann with new episodes of his excellent documentary series Crime Investigation Australia which tonight looks in to the Claremont murders of the mid-1990s. The programme starts at 8:30 on Channel Nine and concludes at 9:45, which is theoretically (assuming that Channel Ten can keep to their publicly released schedule) 15 minutes in to Law And Order SVU, so I suppose that I could watch Steve Liebmann’s show and timeshift SVU in the hope that the producers of SVU manage to provide me with something slightly more interesting than most of their recent episodes. I suspect that the ability to skip the ad breaks in that show might help my cause.

Anyhoo, the blurb in the TV guide about Steve’s show tonight is as follows:

This chilling episode details the long and difficult investigation which began with the disappearance of 18-year-old secretary Sarah Spiers from a nightclub in the up-market Perth suburb of Claremont on Australia Day, 1996. The new information has been kept secret by police until now for fear its release could jeopardise the investigation.

Sounds like it will be very worthwhile viewing.

Update 8:36PM: Nine also seem to have a lackadaisical approach to timekeeping. C’mon guys, I don’t want to watch any more minutes of the end of Getaway. End Update


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