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Extensive Wayne Mac Interview On 6PR This Sunday

Wayne Mac, author of Don’t Touch That Dial, will be on 6PR’s “The Way We Were” program this Sunday evening. Most interviews on that show last for a very long time, you may recall that they interviewed Wayne a while back and it lasted for quite some time.

Wayne will be on there this weekend at 10PM on Sunday (Perth time), which equates to 1am Monday (Canberra time) and 2PM Sunday (GMT).

6PR have a webstream on their website, and I’ll see about recording it for your enjoyment.

Incidentally, 2UE’s John Stanley (who once shared a house with Wayne here in Canberra) briefly interviewed Wayne a few weeks ago, I have the recording for you here.

Also, I interviewed Wayne in the January edition of Samuel’s Persiflage.


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It’s official, Nedstat/Webstats4u is no longer in my list of accounts

I have finally gone to the webstats4u (not to be confused with the good people at site and removed my account. I have also sent them an email outlining the reasons I have left, mainly the recent popup fiasco.

Reason for account cancellation

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have now deleted my Webstats4u account and wish to inform you why I made that decision. I have been mildly satisfied with your service for the time I have been using it, however I stopped using it as my primary stats generator a while back when I realised that it is unable to keep long term statistics for search keywords or visited pages, I found the services from much more appealing. I did, however, continue using your service as it provided me with a useful set of short term statistics.

The reason I have decided to leave you is the popup advertising which you recently started to use. It has been my policy for a very long time to never serve popup advertising to my visitors, so you can imagine my horror when I discovered that my website was generating popups. After a little bit of troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that it was your service which was annoying my visitors and myself with ads. I understand that you are perfectly within your rights to do this, but I am quite disappointed that you decided to. I have now removed my account and have no intention of ever returning.

I would not be surprised to find many others leaving your service if I were you. Popup advertising is the bane of Internet advertising, as are those slide in flash ads which I understand you make use of as well. May I suggest, for your companies sake, that you consider other forms of advertising, such as replacing your stats counter button with an ad, I’m sure many webmasters would thank you.

Thanks for the memories, both good and bad, it is unfortunate that our working relationship had to come to an end like this, but that’s life, and I think we’ve both learnt a lesson.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Naturally I will keep you up to date on the replies, if any.


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Bigpond block emails from Gmail

Well, this is just fantastic, Telstra Bigpond are now blocking emails from Gmail, which means that a lot of the people I regularly communicate with are now out of reach by email. I tried contacting Bigpond via their online question form, but you have to be a bigpond member to do that, so I’m just going to have to make up some information and send it that way. They claim to try and respond to emails in one working day, so they can have 24 hours to answer my question, and if they don’t, they can get a phone call instead.

I would really love to know why they have blocked emails from Gmail, I wonder if they’ve done the same to Hotmail and Yahoo Mail…maybe to Yahoo Mail, but Telstra love Microsoft so they would be unlikely to block Hotmail.

Anyway, the email I have sent to Bigpond via their online form

I’m not a Bigpond customer, but I can only send you feedback with this form if I tell it that I am.

I use Gmail for my email, and have recently started having issues sending emails to people using Bigpond. It would appear that your email servers are setup to block email originating from the Gmail servers. All the emails are bouncing with the following error:

TEMP_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 8): 451 Mail from this IP address blocked due to DNS block list.

Is there any reason why Gmail’s servers are not allowed to send email to bigpond users? This has really stifled communications with a number of my regular contacts.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Will they reply? Only time will tell, but I suspect that they won’t.

For those of you who use Bigpond and have been expecting emails from me, sorry but I just can’t send them at the moment, the Gmail servers will keep attempting to send them on my behalf for a couple days. As far as I can tell this does not affect email coming directly from, so registration emails shouldn’t be a problem, but all of my email forwards to Gmail as I prefer Gmail over other webmail services, so don’t expect a reply if you’re using Bigpond and you send me an email.


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