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Today was a pretty busy day for me. To start with I have found my sleep pattern to be in another timezone of late, and have been mildly unsuccessful in fixing it (I think I made it worse actually), so I have taken the step of completely killing it so that I can start over. This means that I did not sleep last night, instead I satyed up the whole night keeping myself busy with various tasks.

Naturally I had breakfast and took Nattie for a walk, which was followed by a bit of printing and paper finding, followed by morning tea and then a busy morning.

I had to go to CIT to get my student ID (which they refer to as a “CITCard” for one branding reason or another), this was a fairly painfree process which involved showing a receipt for my course fees and some ID, they then got me to sit in front of a video camera (good idea as people can see what the photo will look like and shouldn’t need to complain), used a single frame as the photo, printed the card, got me to sign it and sent me on my way.

After this I went to the post office to post a few letters and then made my way through Civic where a mass practice evacuation of public servants was taking place…I can’t say that I’ve ever seen so many public servants in so many coffee shops at one time before, it was very amusing. I then caught the next bus to Dickson, my next destination, which had to detour around the closed road from the evacuations, naturally the evacuations ran overtime which seemed to please the now loitering and gleeful public servants who got over an hour off with pay.

I spent a little while in Dickson delivering bits of paper and other things, as well as catching up with a few people I haven’t seen since last year. I then went home and had lunch, and awaited a tradesman. I was tired and took a nap during this wait as other household members were about. The tradesman came and went, I took Nattie for a walk.

The rest of the day was taken fairly easily, and I will be heading to bed shortly, which should put my sleep pattern back in my timezone. Perhaps if I was a cow and only had to worry about being milked, I wouldn’t have such issues when daylight saving comes and goes and doesn’t.

I’m beginning to make no sense, so I’ll leave this here. Apoligies to those of you whose comments are still in moderation, I’m too tired to even think about looking at them right now, I’ll probably do so in the morning.


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