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Sunday Night with Wayne Mac

As I mentioned yesterday, Wayne Mac was scheduled to be on 2UE and 6PR last night. This did indeed occur, but the 6PR webstream stopped working at some stage yesterday afternoon and was still offline when Wayne was on. I most certainly was not going to ring Perth and record it off the phone line. I do have the 2UE interview with Mike Williams though, although I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to hear 6PR’s hour long interview with Wayne.

Anyway, at about 8:15 last night Wayne Mac was on the line with Mike Williams on 2UE. The discussion centred around the top 40 format, talkback radio, and 2UE’s leading role in all of it. The PMG gets a mention when it comes to approving the talkback format, and Wayne informs everyone that Angus & Robertson stores may be able to order in his book, which is available on his website.

The interview is taken from the 2UE webstream, which is only just acceptable quality for speech, don’t expect much from the vintage jingles which are played. I could have recorded it from 2CC’s broadcast signal, but I didn’t want to get excessive interference from a nearby computer or risk losing half of the interview to 2CC’s new computer system.

I’ve kept the recording as a 64kbps mono MP3 to avoid excessive compression of already overly compressed audio, as that could make hard to understand. As it is, the sound quality should be fine.

You can download the 14 minutes and 26 seconds worth of interview (6.61MB) here.

Apoligies about the 6PR webstream failure, I guess these things will happen when you outsource your streaming to third parties.


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