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The Lion’s Letter

I had a most unusual dream last night, it took place in an African settlement which looked like a suburban park in a TV show, as the areas of the park seemed to be in sections, there was no apparent continuity in the landscape.

Anyway, in this settlement there was a lion which seemed to be dispised by many, I met the lion who was quite friendly, and took him over to the local letter writer (who was also a professor) where the lion dictated a letter explining to everyone that he is actually quite nice and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I carried the letter and the lion let me ride on his back. We rode around for a while (including crossing a road which looked much like Ballumbir Street in Civic), and went to see the Prime Minister (yes, John Howard was in my dream). John Howard was having a meeting with some advisors when we turned up and handed him the letter, he read the letter and said he would have a chat with the letter writing professor. He seemed quite pleased with the lion, and then the dream ended.


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More from the cabling

According to the UEA website, the process used for this digging is Horizontal Directional Drilling. According to a person I know who knows about these sort of things, the direction of the drilling is controlled by water pressure, which is why it all starts on an angle but ends up going horizontally.

Anyway, a photo and some video of the Horizontal Directional Drilling machine in action.
Horizontal Directional Drilling

And a short video of the Horizontal Directional Drilling machine in action, including a UEA truck driving past.

WMV Format (Windows Video)
MOV Format (Quicktime Video)


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It’s a dog’s life!

Here are a couple photos I took yesterday of Nattie enjoying life. First up, we have her giving her teeth a good workout by chewing on a yummy bone.
Nattie chewing on a bone

And after all that hard work, time for a nap in the sun.
Nattie having a nap

Unlike previous days, yesterday was a good day for taking a nap in the sun, with the temperature only reaching 22.9 degrees celcius at 2:18pm, which is close to the time I took the photos.


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