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Mondays with Maritz: The gardens are still do

Dear today for day of lovely for all of do readings today,

Mrs. Porrit of the English teachings did do say to me of concern for my story of previous about Mr. Boss doing go away for week sot interstate after I did do the compostings for him as she was do think that maybe and perhaps Mr. Boss was doing the firings and not the going away times but was not of sure how to be to do be doing tell.

This did do much concernings for me as I was do see of possible and was doing worry of how to be do find new job and then also to be doing payments of the renting as I am much good at the gradenings but not of the best of for do the Englishes which does do cause of problem when doing the look for jobs of workings.

The newses though are much good as Mr. Boss did do come back to the Sydney yesterday and did vist of my house which was much lovely and he met nice cat Slavcatchski in his bed which pleased Slavcatchski and Mr. Boss for as they are much usually do only meet of when I am do take Slavcatchski to the workings of occasional times. Mr. Boss did do say that relatives are doing of the better and he will be go back away in soon for some of week and that but he is to be still do like for me to be doing the work of gardrens and did do give of keys to gradren for the workings, which is much wonderful as I am of many long times behind in the workings of gradren and must be do many plantings and jobs with also build of the compostings.

Mr. Boss did do stay for the afternoon tea time which was with lovely neighbour Mrs. Lesley of next door who did do come over with the scones as I did do make of the cups of tea and coffee as well also the pumpkin and orange cake which is much lovely of the tastes and Mr. Boss did do say of reminding him for of the carrot cake which is not recipe I am do have done make and must now be do try and also of do some the testings of different. I am do think maybe of one day I should do open of restuarant which would have many foods of not the common much in this country.

I am must do go so please to be having wonderful week and lovely.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

September 21st, 2009 at 03:12pm

Mondays With Maritz: The Compostings

Samuel writes: Sorry that the column is late this week. Maritz submitted it yesterday afternoon but I didn’t get around the reading it until this evening.

Dear to hello for everybodyone who is do of read today and I am today for do the recipe and instuctiungs of promised for the compostings which are much good for helping with the graderens. I am often to do use the compostings with the gradens as I am do find that some of plants but not the all are much better when having been do if some compostings for use in the feedings.

The setting up of compostings is much important stages as can be faster if done the properly and do bring the worms in which can then be good as the worms do the learn quickly of this being goodly spot for the eatings and then they do provied the good of compost in quality for higher than otherwise to be do. For starting must place the small amount of the manures where the composts should go and is best if in area with shadings from tree in most of day time but some bit of the morning sun for some of morning but not all, and must not be doing get the afternoon suns as this can be too hot and heated for the good quality in composts.

I do use the horse manure for the compostings and should be use only small amount making height of the five centimetres covering of all base the area for compostings and then to be leaving there for a week. When do the week is over can then be placing more of the soils on top plus the special lures for the qorms. I am do not know of why but the worms are very much of the liking of my mixings and so I am do make the special tea to pour of on the compostings at this time. It is tea made in teapot but with added the cough syrup I am do use of the amount of the one dosage in strawberry flavour and also the same amount of the vodka. The dosageings of the cough syrups are of different in the different ones but it is level of main ingredient which is what worms are much of do like and so must always be using one dosage. The vodka does do enhance of worms doing like of the special tea and must be equal to level of cough dosages.

Tea should be brew for the five minutes before doing pour on to the compostings, then do place more of the soils on top with again half of previous amount the manure, then to be take the tea leaves and place them in clear plastic bag on clothes line for two days and not more before placing them on to compost as well. Then must be mix of compostings with shovel by picking up and turning but of gentle do so as for not the hurtings of worms who are much lovely.

Leave for three days before do come back to do singing of songs for half an hour to the worms and then can begin the compostings by adding the food scrpa s and of extra which is much lovely and tasty for the worms. I am also do find that compostings are better if do add the special tea and tea leaves every fortnight of two weeks as well for happy worms.

The smell of the compostings can be much strong at times so I am do say for that much most compostings should be in back for of garden where the house is away and not gettings winds of smell, or should be closing windows.

Please have much wonderful compostings now as this will be good for gardening and be making much lovely and wonderful for using on gardens.

Tomorrow I am to be do go to Mrs. Porrit of the English teachings house for doing build of compostings and slao for the working of the verbs which are the favourite words of the Englishes. Mr. Boss is still doing vistis for interstate and has done send of letter to say for call on tephlephone in week time of coming the Thursday morning. It is much lovely to be do hear from him and I am do hope that he is to be coming home and back of soon as I am not yet done finish of building the compostings in gradren for him.

I am do hope that you are all of well and good in healths.

From Maritz

September 15th, 2009 at 10:11pm

Mondays With Maritz: Mr. Boss is do of away times

Much hello to the all do reading today,

The week of gone has been a time of the interesting as I have been do of some workings but Mr. Boss has been need to see me go to the time off away from the workings as while he does urgently visiting to relative of interstate. This is of the probably two weeks as he has said to be paying me for two weeks time of workings without the doing come to the workings and then to be see of what does do happen.

I am did have interesting of time for gardenings in the working as there is big parts of garden which in two parts are to be for different plantings with one for the flowers and other for compost so I have did do build the compost placing first as is the easier and more of urgent but was strangeness as Mr. Boss did do of say to be putting of compost next to house door which is where I would be do of put the flowers but was do the follow for instruictings and did do build of the compost there next to doo front house of do and started with the building of placing the manure, cough syrup and vodka mix which I am do first with all compostings as I am do find that this is for the speeding as the worms are much happy with mix for making attract them and so they then do find to do work in more quickly and then eat of vegetable scraps.

I am did do this building on Tuesday time of last week after before when Mr. Boss was do out for the vists to Mr. Nathan of the parliamentary and did do finish workings that day and then did do come to workings of day in next time and Mr. Boss was much of not happy as he did do mistake of the tellings and did not want the compostings and smells in gradren out of front of house and was much confused to as thinking of me and I had been do of mistakings which was correctioned for later when he did do realise of calimg and them did do say of interstate vists and to be for me to taking week of time off please which I am do and enjoying time with nice cat Slavcatchski.

I am do hope that all is well with you and that you are doing compostings in your gradrens which are of good and I can be do provide in next week time of writing for the good compostings mixtures and methods which are do of help.

Please to be weeks of lovely much.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

2 comments September 7th, 2009 at 05:48pm

Mondays with Maritz: Computer Fixings

Dear and writings from the computer of is now fixed thanks to lovely Neighbour Mrs. Lesley of next door who did do come to look for see of why computer is not working properly and did do see of the cords in wrong places. Some cords were of not plugged in properly from when I did do moving of desk for the cleanngs and I did not do notice.

This is much good as I am did have the writings of emails to Mother of Russia from computer of Mrs. Lesley but was not doing the receivings and so now have do see of many emails of which did not do see in times of previous which does do include photo of nice mouse Squeelivich who is well and good and enjoying the cheeses.

Last week I did do writings of story for teacher of the Englishes Mrs. Porrit and she has done the correctings for the learnings and the story of correctings is here which I write out now so as to do understand of it better which Mrs. Porrit says if of good as must be do writings of it many times so that I can be do understandings of the lenghts of the place for grammars and the do.

I have a pet cat whose name is Slavcatchski. He is a lovely cat who snuggles up to me and usually behaves. I also have a pet mouse in Russia whose name is Squeelivich, which is similar to the noise he makes. Sometimes I buy a cooked chook from the supermarket and Slavcatchski eats some of it. Milk comes from cows which live on farms, much like some chooks.

Mrs. Porrit has also done do of many lines and notes on story I did write of showing changes to help with the learnings and been set has new task for me of the change so to see for difference from writing of hers to how I would be do write and so that she can see of the differences and do further helpings.

I am do good this week and hope the weather is doing rain as I am much do like of the rain and please to be having wonderful times of week in coming.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

August 31st, 2009 at 03:31pm

Mondays with Maritz (on a Wednesday): of writing from the next door

Dear to hello to everyone of the readings today,

I am doing write today of from computer of Mrs. Lesley of next door who is lovely neighbour as my computer is doing the not working properly at moment time which is much of difficult but is will be done fixed shortly after I have been do visit to the computer shop for the fixings. I am not of sure what is wrong with computer this time as it is not same as last time when nice cat Slavcatchski did the naughty jumpings on computer for chasings of photo of mouse Squeelivich who lives with Mother of Russia.

Mrs. Porrit of the English Teachings Has Been give to me of tasks for the learnings which does do involve the usings of word cow cat mouse chook in story and I am did do think of writing story here and in next week time after Mrs. Porrit has done do of read and the any correctionings which does do happen of much and often I can be to do of write the correctings here to be.

I have the pet cat of name Slavcatchski who is much lovely cat of the many snuggles and is very of good in times most, and I am also have pet mouse in Russia who is name Squeelivich which is similar of noise he does do make. Sometimes I do buy a chook of from the supermarkings shop of the cooked and Slavcatchski does do like to be eating of it. I am think that cows of milk do also come from farm to supermarkings shop as much like the chook.

Please to be do have week time of lovely and I will be do hope to write of next week.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

2 comments August 26th, 2009 at 08:34am

Mondays with Maritz is absent

Samuel writes: A couple weeks ago Maritz submitted a column and I rejected it as the main topic was a topic which, whilst newsworthy, was a topic which I had deliberately banned from this blog and, as far as I could tell, there was only one sentence in the column which was not about this topic, and it was an incoherent mention of her cat and “orange”.

Last week Maritz did not submit a column, and this week I don’t think she will either, because I received a call from her this morning at a not quite convenient hour (although with caller ID blocked, and me not having actually spoken to Maritz vocally before, it could have been anyone) informing me that she can’t submit her column this week because her computer is not working, followed by an incomprehensible phrase which may have been Russian, followed by the words “of do soon, must go for workings”. I tried to ask her to repeat herself, but she rushed off.

With any luck Maritz will be back next week.


3 comments August 17th, 2009 at 05:40am

Mondays with Maritz: And of back from the good days holiday time

Dear Hello and to all of the readings today.

I am doing write of this on the Sunday morning time as from request of Mr. Samuel for the early writings this week as for he does do need of writings early. I am now back from the good holidays of driving of around the Australia which was most wonderful and wonderful to be doing see of the country which is good lovely country of produd citizen. As did I am do write in times of recent I was did meet lovely farmer man and his lady wife of knittings and I was much happy and of surprise when I did do come home to find the letter of from them with also a card which I did drop of by accident at their house and they were much nice and kind to be doing send to me in the postals.

I am will be do bakery of cake for them to posting.

I have also been on the telephelone to Mother of Russia who is having the issues of email computer and can not be doing send of the emails and is though of do receive and I am did send the emails of from hodliday but was not doing hear of back and so was much lovely to do ring to Mother of Russia on thelephone and hear of voice and all is OK as Mother of Russia has been do of have some the healths in times of recent and is good to know that she is all OK and good and I was doing some of worry.

It was of sad to be doing hear of newses from Russia of big crashing from the buses in Rostov near village Samarskoye and does have me on worries as cousin Strodlichniv does do live in there and is not of answering the tephelphone and so is of worry but hope he is OK and is of possible that he is just on trips of which he does do disappear to do on sometimes and not of telling in before time.

Also of good is Mrs. Lesley of lovely neightbor from Next Door who does do say she was enjoying the times of with nice cat Slavcatchski and is much happy to recieve bakings in times soon. Nice cat Slavcatchski has been do naughty chasings of while I have been away on the hodlidays but is much happy to be doing see of me again and recieivincgngs the treats of tuna mango biscuits of the bakings.

I am must be do go now as I have lessons of the Englishes in week coming many times of catch up and have the exericises to write and practice for Mrs. Porrit in before times.

Please be do times of lovely in the week of coming and I am do hope to be do write again in next week.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

2 comments July 27th, 2009 at 10:42am

Mondays with Maritz: Of from the holiday and the Port Augusta

Dear hello to the readings today.

I am do the write of from the Port Augusta today which is good town of South Australia and nice break place from the long time of drivings as I have been do the much travel in the Queensland and Northern Territory before doing come to here. I did do pass through the town of Coober Pedy which was much in the intersting and as most of people do live under the ground.

I am to be drive to Adelaide tomorrow and then do see some of the Victoria beofre I am come home in later times this week. I am hoping to see the lovely town Melbourne of before do come home.

This has been lovely trip on the drivings and I have seen much of the Australia and have been do meet many good people of outback who are mostly of the very nice. I am do much miss of Slavcatchski and will be do ring to lovely neighbour Mrs. Lesley of Next door in shortly to be do see of wellness.

I am do hope that all is well for you.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

1 comment July 20th, 2009 at 10:25pm

Mondays with Maritz: On the time of holidayas

Dear to hello for the readings from town of sunny Cunnamulla in the Queensland which is town of much lovly for doing stop of visit on the holiday although there have been some of the clouds.

I have been do enjoy the drivings of to many places in of different of the Australia for doing good see of places as I have been doing want for since arriving here from the England after the Russia. I am think it is good to be do of see the places as I am proud citizen and must be do much of knowings as it is country of the wonderful and very good.

Here is photo yesterdayof taken in the near Bourke of animals with farmer. He did do think I was funny lady with stories of recipes to the all of pets. He did much nice the helpings of problem with car and was also of nice to be having make lunch with and we did swap of the recipes of cooking.

(Samuel writes: I can’t find the photo. I don’t think she uploaded it)

He has nice lady wife who does knittings and has cat. I did do draw diagram of the knitting instructions for wool coat of cat which I have done make for nice cat Slavcatchski although I am not think temperatures are of the colds therefor coat of cat and I am also gace revipe for the lemon and mango of tea.

I am do write of from computer in the Cunnamulla but must be do go as I have done write of the emails in time taking for the to Mother of Russia and lovely neighbour of next door Mrs. Lesley and she does do say that nice cat Slavcatchski is of good but doing naughty in the chasings.

Please be do of lovely. I am hope to be write in of time next wek from holiaday.

From Maritz.
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

July 13th, 2009 at 10:37pm

Mondays with Maritz: The Hodlidays are of in soon

Dear and today hello to all of do read,

I am much of happy to be doing have of the newses for you that I am to be go on of the hodliday of soon time from of next week in for the two weeks of coming as nice Mr. Boss did do say that I should be go on the hodlidays for time of weeks from the work of graderns as he si is also to be do go away and does want me to be setting of the waterings and to be finish of by end of week.

Neighbour of next door Mrs. Lesley is has and does do say that she will be happy to be do of look after nice cat Slavcatchski for the weeks of away time and this is good as I am to be go away for holdiliday of the drivings of around the Australia and am doing think of driving to the souths where it is of colder and good of memory for of the Russia.

The speaking of Russia does do remind me of the newses that Mr. Obama of the president of the America is doing holdilday on of the Russia which is of good and interesting but is of place where is not of the populars like he is of the in the Americas and I am think thaty nice Mr. Vladimir will be do of say of this to Mr. Obama when he is in of the Russia. I have been do hear of the Russia newses on the tephlephone when have been do of call to Mother of Russia and I think it is much funny to be doing hear of different in reports of the visists in the newses of the Russia and the AUstraklua and also the of America.

I am do hope to be plan of writeings to you of from the holiday time and will be do perhaps offer some advicings of the gardenings to the good people of places where I am do visit.

Please be having the week of wonderful and lovely.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

July 6th, 2009 at 08:47pm

Mondays with Maritz: The newses of from the Russia

Dear to hello on this day of the much lovely”

It is day of sun here in the Sydney which is good as I have been day off today from the working of Graderns and can be doing good enjoyment of walking. I am do think that people who have the dogs are much lucky to be doing go for the walks of with company as I can not be doing take Slavcatchski for walk as it is not as much easy to do with cats.

Last week I did do find and see on the tevlevision of Sbs that the newses of tevelvision from the Russia are on and in the Russian which is good and nice but often at time of when I am doing at gardren so can not be doing watch and it is also not always of on in time of do happen in of the Russia and so I am not sure it is of current at the up to date.

I am often doing call on tepehelphone to the Russia to have talk with Mother of Russia and she dos do of somethimes have conversation and chattings with me of time when I am on tepehelphone at time of newses on the tevelevision in the Russia and so she has done do of the put of telehphlephone near the tevelevision so that I can be do hear of the newses from of the Russia which is good to be doing hear of the newses.

Also of times when I am do of call to mother of Russia in recent she did do of the say to me that she is much happy to be receiving on the postals the weight records of nice cat Slavcatchski on daily as I am do weigh him on scales on each day and do the postings of records to Russia and mother of Russia has now do do say of that she will be do weighings of pet mouse Squeelivich so that she can be do send weight records to me in postals which is much lovely as Squeelivich is my pet mouse as present from Mother of Russia but I can not be do of bring him to the Australia as for the rules of Customs and I am not think he can be done come to country.

I am do hope that day is lovely for you and in times of to come in soon.

From Maritz

1 comment June 29th, 2009 at 06:46pm

Mondays Tuesdays with Maritz

Message from Samuel: Why am I doing this? I’m not really sure. I suppose I would like to help Maritz with her English and I find it easier to do that if I actually have a use for what she writes. She seems to keep losing the password to her own blog, so if she wants to login and write something once a week, them I’m happy to publish it and write back to her with a translation of it (if I can work out what she is going on about).

I was going to start this yesterday after she wrote in by request on Sunday, but didn’t. So enjoy it today instead.

End Message

Dear to hello and all is much of wonderful today.

I am have been doing much enjoyment of the rains of recent which did do fall from sky and cluods and were good for the gradens. I have been doing work of gradens and have been find of coldness at night time of when I dod the singing to gradens and think I am must be doing used to getting of temperature in of the Sydney which is warmer than of previously in of the Russia.

I am of the do whcih is much lovely.

My boss did do say of nice things in time of last week when he did do see of big gardren of the flowers which I have been doing hide from him for few weeks as while I have been doing move of and from the other areas to new area and he did ask of time in last week of where did some the flowers do go as he did not see them and did think they had been stolen. I was much happy to tell him that it was secret and he should not be doing worry as time would come ine ventually which would be good and lovely for the newses and the seeing.

I am do remember in time of previous when big bid do to steal of the flowers. It is good that this is not now of happen.

I am will be do bring of nice cat Slavcatchski to the work of gardens in days of coming as he is much lovely cat who does do like of the flowers and the singings of to gardens and I will be do try to have and make Slavcatchski do singing to flowers.

Please be having the day and week of good and many nices.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

June 23rd, 2009 at 10:54am

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