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Mondays with Maritz: The newses of from the Russia

June 29th, 2009 at 06:46pm

Dear to hello on this day of the much lovely”

It is day of sun here in the Sydney which is good as I have been day off today from the working of Graderns and can be doing good enjoyment of walking. I am do think that people who have the dogs are much lucky to be doing go for the walks of with company as I can not be doing take Slavcatchski for walk as it is not as much easy to do with cats.

Last week I did do find and see on the tevlevision of Sbs that the newses of tevelvision from the Russia are on and in the Russian which is good and nice but often at time of when I am doing at gardren so can not be doing watch and it is also not always of on in time of do happen in of the Russia and so I am not sure it is of current at the up to date.

I am often doing call on tepehelphone to the Russia to have talk with Mother of Russia and she dos do of somethimes have conversation and chattings with me of time when I am on tepehelphone at time of newses on the tevelevision in the Russia and so she has done do of the put of telehphlephone near the tevelevision so that I can be do hear of the newses from of the Russia which is good to be doing hear of the newses.

Also of times when I am do of call to mother of Russia in recent she did do of the say to me that she is much happy to be receiving on the postals the weight records of nice cat Slavcatchski on daily as I am do weigh him on scales on each day and do the postings of records to Russia and mother of Russia has now do do say of that she will be do weighings of pet mouse Squeelivich so that she can be do send weight records to me in postals which is much lovely as Squeelivich is my pet mouse as present from Mother of Russia but I can not be do of bring him to the Australia as for the rules of Customs and I am not think he can be done come to country.

I am do hope that day is lovely for you and in times of to come in soon.

From Maritz

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  • 1. lynn  |  June 30th, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    I do hope that in God she will have the many blessings well.



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