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Samuel’s Musicians Of The Week: Spacehog

This week’s award goes to British band Spacehog, and the feature song is one which borrows quite successfully from The Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s “Telephone and Rubber Band”…the song is “In The Meantime”.

Incidentally, thanks to our good friends the copyright police, YouTube don’t appear to have the studio version of this song, and audio has been disabled on the one video I could find where the studio version does appear…as a soundtrack to somebody’s footage of their skiing holiday! As such, today’s video comes from DailyMotion and loads more slowly than a YouTube video would.

Spacehog- In the Meantime
by Tunashaker


And in the end we shall achieve in time
The thing they call divine
And all the stars will shine for me
When all is well and well is all for all
Forever after
We’re living in the meantime wait and see

We love the all the all of you
Where lands are green and skies are blue
When all in all we’re just like you
We love the all of you

And when I cry for me I cry for you
With tears of holy joy
For all the days still to come
And did I ever say I’d never play
Or fly toward the sun
Living in the meantime something’s gone

We love the all the all of you
Where lands are green and skies are blue
When all in all we’re just like you
We love the all of you

Well that sounds fine so I’ll see you sometime
Give my love to the future of the humankind
Okay, okay, it’s not okay.
While it’s on my mind there’s a girl that fits the crime
For a future love dream that I’m still to find
But in the meantime

We love the all the all of you
Where lands are green and skies are blue
When all in all we’re just like you
We love the all of you

We love the all the all of you
Our lands are green and skies are blue

Just like you
Just like you
Just like, just like
Just like you
Just like you
Just like you
Just like, just like
Just like you


June 14th, 2009 at 06:27pm

Corin Dam

It would appear that I chose the time of my “spur-of-the-moment-escape-Canberra-for-a-couple-hours” escape to Corin Dam on Tuesday quite well, as a few hours after I left there, the road to the dam was closed due to snow. It wouldn’t surprise me if the road remains closed for most, if not all, of the rest of winter.

Corin Dam is a lovely spot which is quiet, scenic, not near anything useful and out of mobile phone signal range. I have been there many times but haven’t properly explored the area until this last visit, and I’m glad that I did because I found some good spots to take photos when I eventually get around to resuming my photographic series on Canberra’s dams.

Of course before I can do that, I will actually need to setup the photo gallery again and publish the photos from last year’s trip to Googong Dam. A project for after I return from Deniliquin I think.


June 14th, 2009 at 02:40pm

Capital Radio News dead on the weekend: Updated…it lives!

Update 17 June: I have been informed that, contrary to the information below, 2CC and 2CA are in fact not dumping local news on weekends, and instead only closed the local newsroom last weekend due to a shortage of staff. Needless to say, I am pleased to hear this.

I apologise to the people at Capital Radio. I think it might be worthwhile if I just stop commenting on things relating to Capital Radio for a while. End Update

I’ll sum it up in one word: “disappointed”.

2CC and 2CA seem to have dumped local news on weekends, opting instead to take 2UE news all day. Previously, locally produced news bulletins were broadcast every half hour from 6am until 9am, and then every hour until midday. Now, zilch, zero, zip.

This drops the local news service back to producing less news than they did before the local newsroom started producing the entire news service instead of just local news. I have vivid memories of a time when 2CC took 2UE news and followed it with a local news bulletin, even on the weekend…to not even do that is, as I said earlier, disappointing.

It’s possible that I have just been spoiled by a good local news service in recent years and that this dropping of local news on weekends just brings the station in line with what many other stations do, however this doesn’t change the fact that it is disappointing that a standard can be set, and then the service can drop away in such a manner, to lower levels than the old standard.

Whilst I have a very busy day lined up tomorrow, I will be sure to listen with interest in the morning to see if there are any changes to the weekday news service. I, for one, hope that there aren’t.

Update: Weekdays are not affected by this change, thankfully. End Update


June 14th, 2009 at 11:52am

2AY drop Hinch and Bocking

2AY Albury/Wodonga have dropped the Derryn Hinch drive show and the Stuart Bocking evening show in favour of local music programming.

ACE Radio CEO Stephen Everett says the move is based on market research. He told RadioInfo:

The subtle change was in response to our own market research that has been most favourable since our move towards more music in the afternoon.

However I’m not convinced that this is the case. I think that this has much more to do with Fairfax’s ongoing satellite issues which, amongst other things, mean that Derryn Hinch’s show and Sports Today are not available on the satellite and must be taken off a webstream, meaning that they not only do not time out to the top of the hour properly, but also can not be automated and require a panel operator.

And this is just the known issues with Fairfax’s satellite distribution while they wait for a part to arrive from Israel. The last time I was in Deniliquin, Fairfax replaced, mid-show and for no apparent reason, 3AW’s Nightline with the Stuart Bocking show.

If you ask me, this has everything to do with Fairfax’s satellite issues, and minimal, if anything at all, to do with market research.

The local paper, The Border Mail, have jumped on the chance to do the typical “local paper bashes local radio station” act, citing listener outrage that Hinch and Bocking, along with weekend news, has been dumped.

I also note the absence of the Steve Price hour which 2AY used to run. Cost cutting and dumping dodgy satellite programming all in one move. It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts from here on.


June 14th, 2009 at 09:37am

Alan Jones on “Sunday Night” tonight

Two men for whom I have a lot of time and respect will be on the television tonight. 2GB’s Alan Jones will be interviewed by Seven’s Mike Munro on “Sunday Night” tonight.

As I will be on-air at 1WAY FM at the time, I will record it and watch it later, although I may keep an eye on it in the 1WAY FM studios. Mike, if you can hold the interview until just after 7pm, that would be great.


June 14th, 2009 at 06:50am


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