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Some kind of singing lesson?

Another one of my odd dreams. This one occurred at what can only be described as a badly mangled version of the old Belconnen Bus Interchange, mixed with a derivation of my primary school. A few copies of the interchange’s bridges exist, with the interchange itself being replaced by the school canteen.

For some reason in this dream I happen to be a student in a Year 6 music and dance class at my age, which makes me ten years older than any of the other students. The task for the day is that the teacher will play three songs, and in pairs we must all sing along and dance to the songs…and if we don’t, we fail and must start primary school again.

I recognised two lines of the first song (Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”) and didn’t recognise the other songs at all. I tried to inform my partner of this but she wasn’t in the least bit interested, so I tried to break away from her and chase the teacher who was on on of the other bridges and was yelling about how naughty I was being.

Eventually I broke away, much to the disappointment of my partner, and chased the teacher through large crowds on these tunnels, and eventually caught up to her in the canteen as the songs were finishing. I informed her that I didn’t recognise the songs, which annoyed her as they were her three favourite songs. She informed me that my punishment would be lunchtime detention, in which I would have the songs played to me continuously until I knew them well enough to write the lyrics accurately without hearing the songs.

I walked outside and started reading the canteen menu to decide what to eat for lunch (although the teacher was quite angrily yelling “no eating during detention”) when the partner who had refused to let go earlier came over and apologised to me.

I then decided to resign from primary school on the grounds that I didn’t really need to graduate from primary school, after all the last time I graduated from primary school I didn’t want to graduate and broke down in tears at the end of the ceremony.


June 23rd, 2009 at 01:18pm

Mondays Tuesdays with Maritz

Message from Samuel: Why am I doing this? I’m not really sure. I suppose I would like to help Maritz with her English and I find it easier to do that if I actually have a use for what she writes. She seems to keep losing the password to her own blog, so if she wants to login and write something once a week, them I’m happy to publish it and write back to her with a translation of it (if I can work out what she is going on about).

I was going to start this yesterday after she wrote in by request on Sunday, but didn’t. So enjoy it today instead.

End Message

Dear to hello and all is much of wonderful today.

I am have been doing much enjoyment of the rains of recent which did do fall from sky and cluods and were good for the gradens. I have been doing work of gradens and have been find of coldness at night time of when I dod the singing to gradens and think I am must be doing used to getting of temperature in of the Sydney which is warmer than of previously in of the Russia.

I am of the do whcih is much lovely.

My boss did do say of nice things in time of last week when he did do see of big gardren of the flowers which I have been doing hide from him for few weeks as while I have been doing move of and from the other areas to new area and he did ask of time in last week of where did some the flowers do go as he did not see them and did think they had been stolen. I was much happy to tell him that it was secret and he should not be doing worry as time would come ine ventually which would be good and lovely for the newses and the seeing.

I am do remember in time of previous when big bid do to steal of the flowers. It is good that this is not now of happen.

I am will be do bring of nice cat Slavcatchski to the work of gardens in days of coming as he is much lovely cat who does do like of the flowers and the singings of to gardens and I will be do try to have and make Slavcatchski do singing to flowers.

Please be having the day and week of good and many nices.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

June 23rd, 2009 at 10:54am

Playing half a video cassette

As much as I’m happy to be getting some decent sleep, I have to admit that the ongoing series of peculiar dreams is starting to become tiresome, especially when I wake up and can’t quite work out if the dream was real, as was the case for this dream.

The dream started off with me digging in the backyard, trying to find one of Nattie’s bones. I didn’t find a bone, but I did find half of a VHS cassette, so I took it inside, cleaned it, and polished it, and put it in the video player which, through some piece of weird dream-induced logic, was able to play it.

The video turned out to be a video I lost a few years ago with the Garfield animated television series on it. Back when I was in primary school, Channel Ten were screening the Garfield episodes at 7am and I was recording them. I don’t know what happened to that video.

Anyway, when I woke up it took me a few moments to work out that none of it had actually happened, and I only managed to work it out by realising that the video player is not currently connected to anything, and therefore could not have been used in this manner.


June 23rd, 2009 at 10:18am


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