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Mondays with Maritz: The gardens are still do

September 21st, 2009 at 03:12pm

Dear today for day of lovely for all of do readings today,

Mrs. Porrit of the English teachings did do say to me of concern for my story of previous about Mr. Boss doing go away for week sot interstate after I did do the compostings for him as she was do think that maybe and perhaps Mr. Boss was doing the firings and not the going away times but was not of sure how to be to do be doing tell.

This did do much concernings for me as I was do see of possible and was doing worry of how to be do find new job and then also to be doing payments of the renting as I am much good at the gradenings but not of the best of for do the Englishes which does do cause of problem when doing the look for jobs of workings.

The newses though are much good as Mr. Boss did do come back to the Sydney yesterday and did vist of my house which was much lovely and he met nice cat Slavcatchski in his bed which pleased Slavcatchski and Mr. Boss for as they are much usually do only meet of when I am do take Slavcatchski to the workings of occasional times. Mr. Boss did do say that relatives are doing of the better and he will be go back away in soon for some of week and that but he is to be still do like for me to be doing the work of gardrens and did do give of keys to gradren for the workings, which is much wonderful as I am of many long times behind in the workings of gradren and must be do many plantings and jobs with also build of the compostings.

Mr. Boss did do stay for the afternoon tea time which was with lovely neighbour Mrs. Lesley of next door who did do come over with the scones as I did do make of the cups of tea and coffee as well also the pumpkin and orange cake which is much lovely of the tastes and Mr. Boss did do say of reminding him for of the carrot cake which is not recipe I am do have done make and must now be do try and also of do some the testings of different. I am do think maybe of one day I should do open of restuarant which would have many foods of not the common much in this country.

I am must do go so please to be having wonderful week and lovely.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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