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Daylight Saving

And so it begins again, Daylight Saving starts at 2am and will be with us until the other end of April…a whole seven months of adjusted clocks. Personally I don’t see why we can’t just have Daylight Saving for the whole year rather than slowly increasing the number of months we have it for.

Amusingly the ABC have managed to push their digital television electronic programme guides in to daylight saving time early, although it’s not amusing for me as I relied on their programme guide to schedule a recording of The Bill. My recording started an hour late at 9:30pm (10:30am GMT +11) instead of 8:30pm (10:30am GMT +10), meaning that I will have to wait for somebody at the ABC to upload The Bill to iView.

This may interest you, but it’s more for my reference. The updated KXNT schedule for programs of interest in Canberra’s daylight saving time.

4am-7am: Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd weekend edition

4am-7am: Sundays with Ciara
11pm-Midnight: The Morning Source with Alan Stock

Tuesday to Saturday
Midnight-3am: The Morning Source with Alan Stock
3am-6am: Rush Limbaugh
6am-9am: Sean Hannity
9am-11am: Mark Levin
11am-1pm: Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd (includes Jerk Of The Week at 12:09pm Friday)

During the night I will have the fun job of setting all of the clocks in my house to daylight saving time, which doubles as my twice-yearly “make sure every clock is in sync” session. I can’t stand having clocks that have the wrong time, especially when they’re out by a minute or two. It drives me nuts.

So happy daylight saving to you. If your sleep cycle is similar to mine, you will welcome the extra hour of darkness in the morning. It will make getting to sleep at 5:30am much easier.


October 3rd, 2009 at 11:50pm

The next Stargate saga begins

The premiere double episode of Stargate Universe airs on SyFy Channel (formerly known by the more sensible name “SciFi Channel) in the US in a few hours, and on the Australian version of SciFi (yep, we can spell it) on Friday night at 8:30pm.

I’m a massive Stargate fan, so it’s no surprise that I’m excited about Stargate Universe. I just hope it is treated with more respect than SG1 and Atlantis which were both killed off too early. Sure, SG1 had a ten year run, but it had a least a season and probably two that it could have viably produced from the Ori storyline…and as for Atlantis, it had just hit its stride in season five and had so much potential. Universe looks good and different from the previews, hopefully this is enough to give it a decent run.


October 3rd, 2009 at 10:01am

The Obamalympics are dead!

Despite Obama’s plea to the International Olympic Committee, Chicago is the first city to be eliminated from the running to be the 2016 Olympic host city, due to receiving the least number of votes…proving once and for all that Barack Obama is not the King Of The World.

Tokyo was eliminated moments later, leaving Rio and and Madrid in the running.

Update 2:55am: Rio wins! The 2016 Olympics will be in Rio.


October 3rd, 2009 at 01:50am


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