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We need a tractor and some carrots

This dream took place at the Woden Bus Interchange. I was walking towards the shopping centre when silence replaced the noise of bus engines. All of the buses had stalled, and none of them would start again. One of the bus drivers got out of the bus and started yelling “we need a tractor, does anybody have a tractor?”.

Sure enough, a nearby newsagent just happened to keep a tractor in his cupboard in case of such a situation, and drove it over to the first bus where he unsuccessfully tried to jump start the bus. I decided to go and have a cup of coffee as there was no point in standing around waiting for a bus in the rain.

I went upstairs to Cafe Copenhagen and sat down. The older lady was the only staff member there, and she sort of hovered over with my coffee and started talking about cake before hovering away. I started to drink my coffee and then my phone rang…it was a call from “Cal”.

I immediately knew that this call was from Callum Smith, a person I went to primary school with and met once during high school at an inter-school sporting event, although how I knew it was him, I have no idea. I answered the phone, only to be told that “the problem is a lack of carrots…feed Boris carrots” which I understood to mean that the tractor’s name was Boris, and if I fed carrots to Boris, he would be able to jump start the buses.

I thanked Callum for the information and informed him of who I am, which surprised him as he had started calling numbers at random when he heard about the buses. I then finished my coffee and went in search of carrots, at which point the dream ended.

This did make me wonder if there was something in the coffee I had been drinking before I went to bed. Thankfully though, none of it came true when I visited Woden the next day.


October 13th, 2009 at 08:56am

Two days behind…again

As you may have noticed, time management isn’t proving to be my strong point at the moment.

If all goes to plan today, I have a number of dreams to share with you, Maritz’s column which she submitted yesterday and I am yet to read, the Musician(s) Of The Week (fortnight and a bit?) award, and more. Stay tuned.


October 13th, 2009 at 08:38am


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