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A Spammer Tries Poetry

At least I think it’s supposed to be a poem…whatever it is, the bees are incoherent:

Late February, and the air’s so balmy
will come, blighting our harbingers of spring,
Traces of those deep cuts lie thickly upon
So you can watch me watch uplifted snow
Pealing, it tries to fill the cold night air
By trees—or might see as the masonry
III. Earliest Recorded Northern Explorers: The Greeks and the Vikings
Place of absorbing snow, itself to be
To watch me watch drowned snow lift from the lake.
Dreaming time has reversed—and you,
Billows the fog, cloaks
Summer bees were saying
Some stubborn sprouts up through the stubble hay,
The road, but not far enough ahead
Swaying in unison beneath the snow,
It is as though I were at a second threshold.
Summer bees were saying
trainer flips young alligators over on their backs,
As if your human shape were what the storm

I’m not sure why the road is swaying under the snow, but as I said, the bees are incoherent.


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Troy Williams – A Fresh Face For Illiteracy (Updated: A draft was sent to the printer)

Yesterday whilst performing a rather mundane task in the laundry, I noticed that a political flyer had been thrown (probably quite rightly) in to the recycling bin. As I had nothing better to do whilst monitoring the mundane task being conducted by a household appliance, I picked up the flyer and read it.

I was shocked. A person who wants me to elect him in to government so that he can make the world a better place (or so they all claim), has posted a flyer out to just about every house in the electorate which, amongst other things, talks about how he can improve education, and yet the flyer is riddled with errors.

One typographical error might be excusable, maybe even two, but this flyer is just laughable.
Troy Williams' August 2007 Flyer
(Click the picture to enlarge)

Amongst the errors:

Some examples of how this year’s federal benefits our local community includes:

There’s a missing “budget” in there.

This builds upon the $36.7 billion on personal tax cuts

I’m sure that’s supposed to read “of personal tax cuts”.

A commitment of $58.8 million to improve Constitution Avenue and the Russell roundabout will workers heading toFyswick and the Russell defence complex.

I could have been certain that Fyshwick had a “h” in it…unless Troy knows of a new secret suburb. The rest of the sentence is also quite interesting.

Both the University of Canberra and the ANU will benefit from the $5 billion Higher Education Endowment Fund that will finances new research facilities.

But will it finances me?

A $103 million program will provide risk assessments and treatments for those at high risk of developing type Type 2 diabetes.

“type Type 2 diabetes”? That must be a new medical condition.

The real question here is, how can I trust someone who doesn’t bother to check his own mass mail outs for errors, to run the country and not make such fundamental errors whilst doing so?

I am forwarding a copy of this article to Troy Williams and will invite him to comment.

Update: Troy Williams was courteous enough to comment about an hour after I sent him an email. Troy’s reply is in my view very reassuring, as he appears to be very interested in the concerns, no matter how trivial, of the people in his electorate. Troy’s reply follows:

Dear Samuel

Thanks for your e-mail and the problem was identified immediately after distribution. The problem was at the technical end when a draft was sent to print rather than the approved version and as a consequence we have reviewed processes.

I have received considerable and favourable feedback from this brochure and others, largely indicating that it has been the message and not the vehicle that remains important. The reality is that many in our community are sick of being taken for granted by the current Labor member who suddenly becomes active in an election year, then goes quiet for the following years. One person dubbed him the “Missing Member for Fraser” due to his inactivity.

There are serious issues to be debated in this election and I welcome your participation in this debate.

Best regards


End Update


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Time to film the green mesh

I had a rather unusual dream a couple nights ago. In this dream a film crew is scheduled to arrive at my house on Saturday morning, however for some reason Saturday somehow turns in to AFL Grand Final day, and the film crew turned at 3:30pm, and then to make matters more peculiar, they turned up with a heap of green mesh and decided to film that.

As it happens a film crew is coming on Saturday, but there is no chance of these people turning up on Grand Final day, and they certainly won’t be filming green mesh.


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