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The Perils of Repeating Game Shows

Unless my flu has confused me, today is Tuesday, in which case it is WIN Television who are confused.

Currently they are screening a repeat of Bert’s Family Feud, and the episode they are screening is one of the “Mad Monday” episodes, so Bert can be heard constantly referring to today as “Monday”.

It reminds me of something which happened nearly ten years ago on WIN when they had fallen behind Channel Nine in episodes of Sale Of The Century, so they ran two each day. Monday and Tuesday on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday on Tuesday, Friday and Monday on Wednesday (very strange having Glenn Ridge say at 5:29 “see you next week”* and then say at 5:30 “Welcome to a brand new week, how was your weekend?”*) etc etc.

Game shows, along with news bulletins and current affairs show make constant mention of the day of the week, and even the date (the game shows seem to enjoy sponsoring charity days), and yet of the shows in this category, only game shows get repeated. Usually the stations manage to synchronise the days of the week, and it is quite amusing when they don’t.

I do have to wonder though, if stations can repeat game shows, why can’t they repeat the news? It could be a very interesting nostalgia program, perhaps repeating a bulletin from this date last year and this date ten years ago. I think it would be quite interesting.

*Quotes in this article marked with an asterisk are paraphrased.


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