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Canberra’s New Year Radio Movements

Over the summer break 2CA lost breakfast boy Paul Blunt to the Sunshine Coast, and music director/drive announcer Gregg Easton to nowhere in particular. However it looks like they are gaining Hayden Miller from 3CS in Colac. I don’t know whether he is a new breakfast boy or not, but at least 2CA are replacing lost staff!

FM 104.7 have lost Mason Edwards from Breakfast with Chris, Sarah and Mason. Their website indicates that the Chris and Sarah will continue as a duo. Apparently Mason has gone to sister station NXFM in Newcastle to anchor “Steve & Kim for Brekkie”, although seeing as he is neither Steve nor Kim, I’m a tad confused what the definition of “anchor” is in this case.

FM 104.7 and Mix 106.3 also lost their breakfast newsreader and senior journalist Matt Watson. Matt is currently considering his future, and 104.7 & Mix are looking for a replacement.

Other than that, people seem to be in their normal places (holidays excluded).


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Regular readers would remember an email I sent to 2UE’s John Kerr about Ishmael, one of 2UE’s regular callers. The email was not in the least bit flattering.

After publishing that email, I copped a bit of flack from some people pretending to be Ishmael, however since then the real Ishmael has contacted me and we have had some discussions. I have come to the conclusion that whilst I disagree with a lot of Ishmael’s opinions, he isn’t the stark raving mad lunatic I portrayed him as, and actually seems like a fairly reasonable individual.

My description of Ishmael as a “serial pest caller” was harsh and unwarranted, especially seeing as there are plenty of callers who actually do fit that category, and it is unfair to compare Ishmael to them when Ishmael actually calls to make a point rather than a nuisance.

I still think the choice of timing of Ishmael’s exchange with John Kerr was poor, but I do now see where he is coming from.

Whilst Ishmael understands that I won’t be taking down any of what I wrote, I would like to publicly apologise to Ishmael for being a bit too harsh in my comments.


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