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As many of you would already know, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced the iPhone, a phone/iPod/web browser/email client/more device.

I, personally, am one of the staunchest believers in phones which are phones, nothing more, nothing less. The addition of text messaging is handy as an occasional add-on tool for a phone, but other than that, I’m simply not interested…I don’t want cameras or other additions to phones.

That was until yesterday, the iPhone changed that, it is the first device to ever alter my thinking on the subject, it is the first mobile device which, in my opinion, handles the integration of these devices properly, and in a way which is easy, convenient and intuitive to use.

Admittedly the device is about a year away in this country, but when it arrives, it will be the first phone I’ve ever been slightly interested in which does more than calls and text messaging, and it will be the first time I’m interested in an iPod.

I get the impression that competing mobile phone vendors, and to a lesser extent competing MP3 player manufacturers, are holding emergency board meetings around about now.

On another Apple note, Microsoft’s Windows Vista is due out shortly for consumers, Apple’s next Mac OS X, named “Leopard”, is likely out later this year…somehow I think this new iPhone and the next OS X will make Windows a much much harder sell.


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