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Bloody Ishmael

December 24th, 2006 at 03:30am


Please excuse me for a moment, but I have a message for Ishmael, I've wanted to say it too him all year, and this morning he has tipped me right over the edge…Ishmael, go and stuff your head up a turkey.

I just love the way he can deflate his own arguments…Isn't it wonderful that he wants people to ring up, but only the people who don't normally ring up (invent them Ishmael if you want them, I'm sorry that a group of people are awake on Saturday and Sunday morning and want to have a chat), he wants people to not talk about their personal life, he wants you to be fairer (but admits you've never been nasty or unfair to him…or many others).

Ishmael, we don't need serious newstalk every second of every day…I repeat, go and stuff your head up a turkey you goose!

And I was having such a good morning until that moron got on. I shall return to my good morning and jolly Christmas spirit now that I've got that off my chest.

Have a good morning John, and Merry Christmas (again),


Update 1:27am January 10, 2007: Since publishing this email, Ishmael has contacted me and we have had some discussions. I have come to the conclusion that whilst I disagree with a lot of Ishmael’s opinions, he isn’t the stark raving mad lunatic I portrayed him as, and actually seems like a fairly reasonable individual.

My description of Ishmael as a “serial pest caller” was harsh and unwarranted, especially seeing as there are plenty of callers who actually do fit that category, and it is unfair to compare Ishmael to them when Ishmael actually calls to make a point rather than a nuisance.

I still think the choice of timing of Ishmael’s exchange with John Kerr was poor, but I do now see where he is coming from.

Whilst Ishmael understands that I won’t be taking down any of what I wrote, I would like to publicly apologise to Ishmael for being a bit too harsh in my comments. End Update

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