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But I know they’re here!

A couple nightsa go I had a dream that I was out the front of the ACTTAB headquarters in Dickson…I saw 2CC presenter Mike Frame’s car parked out the front and decided that, seeing as Mike was there and ex-2CC presenter Kevin Woolfe works for ACTTAB these days, I would go in to the office and pay them a visit.

I went in the front doors and up some stairs, after which I was standing at a reception desk, behind the desk was a large open plan office where a lot of people appeared to be having a celebration of some sort. A lady came over to the desk and informed me that Kevin and Mike were in a meeting, so I left, only to find that the street I walked out on to was Bunda Street in Civic, a few kilometres away from the street that I walked in from…and I went out the same door…


July 14th, 2006 at 04:59pm

Samuel’s Footy Tips: Results

These are the results from last weekend…these are not the results from the tips I lodged this morning, all of which are still to be played. It was quite a decent weekend for my footy tips, hopefully the ones I lodged this morning will be even better.

AFL Round 14: 4/8 (50%)
NRL Round 18: 6/7 (85.71%)
Week Total: 10/15 (66.67%)
Graph of the weekly results

AFL: 55/112 (49.11%)
NRL: 64/124 (51.61%)
Total: 119/236 (50.42%)
Graph of the total results


July 14th, 2006 at 02:12pm

Simon Corbell’s Mobile Phone and ACTPLA

It’s funny what you can see when you’re in Dickson around lunch time. I was having lunch in Dickson on Wednesday when a group of people from ACTPLA (ACT Planning and Land Authority…you may recall them from this post and this post) walked past me. Just like last time they made eye contact and seemed to halt their conversation…then as they walked directly past me they all started muttering something about the Fyshwick Epicentre debacle, they appeared to be muttering something about it being a good thing, but I suspect they were merely making silly comments in an effort to make me write incorrect information…after all, they appeared to recognise me (and not for the first time).

It was only a few minutes later that minister for planning (amongst other things) Simon Corbell walked past…about twenty questions crossed my mind, luckily for him he was talking (or pretending…it is hard to tell) on his mobile phone, and I was too interested in my lunch to be bothered asking a pointless man a set of questions to which he would only give pointless answers anyway.

I used to work for the ACT government…I’m glad I don’t work for them any more.


July 14th, 2006 at 12:51pm

English Abuse

This week’s Friday Funny comes from Dave Smith of Plain English Campaign fame. Dave has sent us two interesting additions to the gobbledegook archive.

The first one is from an advertisement for a pen.


Its clear lines and minimalist design provide it with an unmistakable look. It is daring, and different. So that your writing instrument not only carries your message, but lives it

The second peice of gobbledegook is an email sent to staff at the University of Illinois

An emergency IPL of the ACCA is required to resolve a problem with the channel
path configuration within the Iceberg units. Following the Iceberg to EMC test yesterday, the vendor failed to correctly reset the hardware configuration within the Icebergs. Correcting this problem requires an IPL of the system. The ACCH is not affected as only the paths from the Icebergs to the ACCA were in error. Currently we are experiencing degradation in batch processing and TSO response times on the ACCA. In addition, online systems are beginning to feel the impact. The IPL will begin at 09:45 and should be complete within 45 minutes. We will send an announcement when the system is active

And as a bonus, we even have the reply to that email

Dear AITS Security:

I am sorry you have to IPL your ACCA to resolve the CPC of the Icebergs and
degradation of the TSO as a result of the EMC test, but am relieved that the ACCH
is not affected.

Here at GSLIS we sometimes have to R our S’s to up our MTBFs, but this is rare
due to the HIQ of our ENV and the LD of our DataFlow on the 100BT HPs.

We will be waiting with bated breath (BB) for your upcoming ASA (Active System

Sincerely yours

Do you have something you would like to contribute to Friday Funnies? If so, send me an email at All contributions welcome!


July 14th, 2006 at 10:18am

Your Questions, My Answers

By now I suspect that most of you have noticed that I have been absent from this site almost all week…a number of you have emailed me about that as well, and I haven’t quite got around to answering all the emails yet, but please do keep them coming.

To summarise the common questions and answers, yes I’ve been away from the site, no I haven’t left the Internet, no you may not take over the website (you know who you are…), yes I do have a good reason for not being here, no it will not continue during your vacation next week (again, you know who you are), and yes I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed reading the archives.

I will elaborate on the reasons why I haven’t been here much lately. Firstly, work is keeping me as busy as ever and I (generally) can’t check the website, or update it, from work…that is no excuse though. The main reason behind my absence is that I have recently been suffering from back and shoulder pain which has, at times, rendered sitting an impossible task…I have had some treatment for this, and will have some more, some adjustments have been made to some seating and sleeping arrangments and I am now, for the most part, feeling much better. Unfortunately though, the entire incident has cost me a lot of sleep, and I have been unwittingly catching up on the lost sleep.

So now I’m back, my sleep cycle is cactus for the moment, but that gives me an opportunity to get to work on keeping the site up to date whilst I mend my sleep cycle.

Another question that people continue to ask is if there will be any more episodes of Samuel’s Persiflage. I can assure you that there will be, the next episode is in planning at the moment and is expected online by the 20th. I have had a potential guest pull out for the moment due to his own work commitments, but he will probably appear in a future episode…right now I’m concentrating on securing guests for this month’s episode.

There have been a couple emails about the lack of photos of late. Regular readers may recall that my camera developed a nasty “black semi-circle in certain corners” fault, the camera has recently been sent off for repairs and should be back soon…which is just as well as I have a few things I would like to take photos of.

I continue to receive emails about various upcoming (and overdue) posts, including Blog View Stats, Canberra radio ratings, ACTION changes, etc…they’re coming, please be patient.

I would like to thank everybody for their emails, I should reply to most, if not all, of them within the next 48 hours.


July 14th, 2006 at 08:37am

Samuel’s Footy Tips

NRL Round 19
Roosters V Sharks
Panthers V Cowboys
Knights V Storm
Warriors V Eels
Rabbitohs V Sea Eagles
Raiders V Tigers
Dragons V Bulldogs

AFL Round 15
Tigers V Demons
Bombers V Saints
Crows V Hawks
Kangaroos V Lions
Eagles V Swans
Cats V Power
Blues V Bulldogs
Magpies V Dockers


July 14th, 2006 at 06:32am


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