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July 14th, 2006 at 08:37am

By now I suspect that most of you have noticed that I have been absent from this site almost all week…a number of you have emailed me about that as well, and I haven’t quite got around to answering all the emails yet, but please do keep them coming.

To summarise the common questions and answers, yes I’ve been away from the site, no I haven’t left the Internet, no you may not take over the website (you know who you are…), yes I do have a good reason for not being here, no it will not continue during your vacation next week (again, you know who you are), and yes I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed reading the archives.

I will elaborate on the reasons why I haven’t been here much lately. Firstly, work is keeping me as busy as ever and I (generally) can’t check the website, or update it, from work…that is no excuse though. The main reason behind my absence is that I have recently been suffering from back and shoulder pain which has, at times, rendered sitting an impossible task…I have had some treatment for this, and will have some more, some adjustments have been made to some seating and sleeping arrangments and I am now, for the most part, feeling much better. Unfortunately though, the entire incident has cost me a lot of sleep, and I have been unwittingly catching up on the lost sleep.

So now I’m back, my sleep cycle is cactus for the moment, but that gives me an opportunity to get to work on keeping the site up to date whilst I mend my sleep cycle.

Another question that people continue to ask is if there will be any more episodes of Samuel’s Persiflage. I can assure you that there will be, the next episode is in planning at the moment and is expected online by the 20th. I have had a potential guest pull out for the moment due to his own work commitments, but he will probably appear in a future episode…right now I’m concentrating on securing guests for this month’s episode.

There have been a couple emails about the lack of photos of late. Regular readers may recall that my camera developed a nasty “black semi-circle in certain corners” fault, the camera has recently been sent off for repairs and should be back soon…which is just as well as I have a few things I would like to take photos of.

I continue to receive emails about various upcoming (and overdue) posts, including Blog View Stats, Canberra radio ratings, ACTION changes, etc…they’re coming, please be patient.

I would like to thank everybody for their emails, I should reply to most, if not all, of them within the next 48 hours.


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