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July 14th, 2006 at 10:18am

This week’s Friday Funny comes from Dave Smith of Plain English Campaign fame. Dave has sent us two interesting additions to the gobbledegook archive.

The first one is from an advertisement for a pen.


Its clear lines and minimalist design provide it with an unmistakable look. It is daring, and different. So that your writing instrument not only carries your message, but lives it

The second peice of gobbledegook is an email sent to staff at the University of Illinois

An emergency IPL of the ACCA is required to resolve a problem with the channel
path configuration within the Iceberg units. Following the Iceberg to EMC test yesterday, the vendor failed to correctly reset the hardware configuration within the Icebergs. Correcting this problem requires an IPL of the system. The ACCH is not affected as only the paths from the Icebergs to the ACCA were in error. Currently we are experiencing degradation in batch processing and TSO response times on the ACCA. In addition, online systems are beginning to feel the impact. The IPL will begin at 09:45 and should be complete within 45 minutes. We will send an announcement when the system is active

And as a bonus, we even have the reply to that email

Dear AITS Security:

I am sorry you have to IPL your ACCA to resolve the CPC of the Icebergs and
degradation of the TSO as a result of the EMC test, but am relieved that the ACCH
is not affected.

Here at GSLIS we sometimes have to R our S’s to up our MTBFs, but this is rare
due to the HIQ of our ENV and the LD of our DataFlow on the 100BT HPs.

We will be waiting with bated breath (BB) for your upcoming ASA (Active System

Sincerely yours

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