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Robbo gone, Gibson stopping by, but who will take the reins?

According to Radioinfo, Greg “Robbo” Robson is leaving 2CA’s breakfast show at the end of the week, and taking up a full time position with Motto Media and Robbo, who has been a stalwart of Canberra media over the last three decades, took over the breakfast show when Daniel Gibson left it for his full time weatherman position on Prime, shortly after Prime and Ten Capital closed their local news services.

Interestingly, Daniel Gibson, who was doing night-shift for 2CA last time I checked, will be hosting the breakfast show until 2CA find a permanent replacement. Whether he will take time off from Prime to do this remains a mystery, as does the length of his temporary breakfast assignment.

I suppose the really big question here is, who will take over the breakfast show permanently? George Gibson loves playing music, maybe he would be willing to move to Canberra for a few years…although with the “New sound of Canberra’s 1053 2CA” in force, they might be looking for somebody a bit younger.

I spent a morning with Robbo while on Work Experience last year, and whilst I can’t say much for confidentiality reasons, I believe that I can tell you that he seemed fairly pleased with the progress of, and also seemed to be enjoying the breakfast shift. I am not in the least bit surprised that now requires him on a full time basis, considering the sheer volume of ads that they seem to have on both television and radio for their Fyshwick based clients.

2CA is quite clearly a different station to what it was in 2000, with practically the entire lineup of on-air talent being different. If I remember rightly, they even used Macquarie National News back then, and didn’t have a traffic reporter, which is a very big difference to the current situation where they share traffic reporters and news resources with 2CC.

Anyway, I wish Robbo the best of luck, and will have to remember to give him a call later in the week to convey that message, I also easgerly await Daniel Gibson’s temporary return to Breakfast, as I have fond memories of the last time he was on the breakfast shift. Perhaps I should track down my recording of the time I won a vegemite T-Shirt by singing the Vegemite song. I might do that and share it with you in the next couple of days.

Radioinfo also reported that Canberra radio will be in survey mode again soon, which poses two questions:

  1. Will ABC Local Radio waste taxpayers money on pointless giveaways and ads on Commercial Television?
  2. Will the changes at 2CA make a difference to their ratings results?

For the former I would have to say “probably”, and for the latter, well, only if they advertise the changes. There have probably been some people who have converted from one of the FM music stations through word-of-mouth recommendation, but I don’t think anybody will really know or care unless 2CA actually advertise the fact that they have a new sound and new presenters.

None the less, Canberra radio is looking pretty exciting for the next few weeks!


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Samuel In Dolgnwot: Series 2, Episode 4

Samuel’s had a tiring journey to Dolgnwot, and as such is taking a nap. Being 1:50am on a Sunday it is probably a good time for a nap, unless of course you are listening to John Kerr, who appears to be on the radio.
Samuel In Dolgnwot, Series Two, Episode 4: Samuel taking a nap after reaching Dolgnwot

The shape and size of this paper seems to induce a natural response of 5 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines, which is producing a rather monotonous pattern of backround colouring, so I think I will be using a natural mechanical random number generator for the future line numbers, which will produce a much more interestingly varied amount of background patterns.


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Samuel’s Persiflage Update

I think a late March episode is now out of the question, so the plan is now for a bigger than normal April episode. It looks like I may have a big name and very interesting guest lined up (hopefully that interview can be done in the next few days), and I will follow up on an interview request which was treated with enthusiasm by the guest, and then they just fell into a black hole…this time without a timezone conversion. And also, being Easter time I’m thinking of having an Easter themed interview.

All that, as well as the usual listener feedback and odd news stories should be coming your way around April 10.


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Samuel’s Footy Tips: Results

Not a good week, I got 2/7 (28.57%), which makes a total of 7/21 (33.33%).

The AFL starts on Thursday, so you can look forward to my footy tips on Thursday morning.


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I know that I am now very late with Samuel In Dolgnwot, and haven’t posted anything for a little while, but I’ve been ill.

I was a little bit off colour on Sunday, and everything posted on Sunday (except my notice about Samuel In Dolgnwot and the crossing out notice) were written and scheduled on Saturday night. I had quite a headache, sore throat and other problems on Sunday night, so my email and website check were brief, I didn’t feel up to drawing Samuel In Dolgnwot on Sunday.

I spent most of Yesterday in bed not feeling well, and got quite a lot of sleep. At the moment I feel reasonable, but not the best. I should, if all goes to plan, have Samuel In Dolgnwot online tonight, but I can’t guarantee it.


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