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White and Yellow Pages Delivery

On the weekend just over a week ago, the new editions of the White Pages and Yellow Pages (the telephone directory books, for those of you in countries who use a different system…do any countries use a different system?) were delivered to my house.

I was very pleased with this, not just because of the new books, but because the standard of delivery has improved. In recent years the deliveries have been carried out by people who hurl the books about, look untidy (ie. only wearing shorts) and don’t really seem to care if you get your copy or not. Sensis (the people who produce these books) certainly were not perceived in a good way with these people effectively representing their company.

This year, I was very pleased to see that a fully clothed (Casually, but it was the weekend and they are delivering a heap of heavy books, so I wouldn’t expect a suit and tie, just as I don’t expect a suit and tie from a courier, just a neat set of clothes, preferably with the company’s logo) person delivered the books by putting them on the ground, not hurling them from the other end of the path and hoping they didn’t break anything. This ensures that the books arrive in good condition, and everyone gets their copy.

Interestingly, on Sunday this week the deliverer had involved his family in the process (presumably to speed it up), and came through my area again. A number of residents informed him that we already had the books, so the family of deliverers went on to the next area.

It is nice to see that Sensis have lifted their standards and have decent deliverers this year. The idea of involving entire families (which I suspect was the deliverers idea, not Sensis’ idea) is a great idea as it speeds up the process, keeps the family together, and makes the whole thing look much nicer from a recipient’s perspective.

Well done Sensis!


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