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Maritz’s thoughts on being Australian

Samuel writes: Maritz submitted this a few hours ago under the title “of for goodly the australianings”, but I think the substitute title which I placed on it makes a tad more sense. The article is unedited…I’m far too tired to try and edit Maritz’s writing, especially seeing as if I’m reading it correctly, she’s had a bit to drink. I can make sense of enough of it to publish it, so I hope you can read it as well.

Dearly on the day Australia of happy which has do of come to.

It is day today of the much happy as for the country lovely Australia is for the ceblrations and is much lovely country I am proud to be of citizen.

I am from original the much wonderful country Russia which is land of birth and of still do am have many wonderful relatives of doing the live there in many place for different and wonderful. It is the lovely country but am not as much wonderful as Australia which is land of proud to have done do of come to be of the citizens and the workings here. This is country of the safety.

The Russia did do have the bombs of recent and was much bad and I am did do of speak to with Mother of Russia on telephone for afterwards as upset she was much and was for me too as I am still lovely country of Russia but it does not have the safely ness of the much wonderful Australia country which is muchly safe and fortunately. For here wonderful.

I am did do of the leavings the Russia much and many years ago and did do original the travels to England but then came of to Australia as is having similar lovely lady of the Queen but is also muchly different country of the friendly and also of the place for the workings which I am did was muchly happy to have do come here for the workings and was having doubtsing of how much long time I would be do of stay as I did do think that England Britain was the wonderful country of muchly workings and goodly people of the politeness but the Australia was much wonderful and better and so I am did do of the stay and did the workings for Nice Mr. Boss and am now doing workings for Mrs. Boss of the night time tephelphone answerings and am do feel of muchly safely and value for even as of foreign from different country which does not have the problem of the people as I am do treat as of same many times exceptings for the speaking which sometimes when I am do of speak I do the Russian which is of the confusions for not the people of speaking the Russians who are only of do speak the Englishes.

I am was muchly proud to have done do become of the citizen Australia some now time ago in previous and am the still muchly proud to have done do of come and I am do sing of advance anthem song loudly on the day of Australia.

I am also to have the cookery for the people of neighbours today on day of much lovely and am doing much special cookings of the sausages in the sauces of pepper and cinnamon which is much lovely. We are did have the lunchings and had also some staying for later on when did do come for dinner of Mr. Boss of previously gardenings and also Mrs. Boss of tephlephones and was also for doing the drinkery. I am do usual have the vodka of the Russia but was today for to do have special the drinking beers which are different and was perhaps of the more. Nice Cat Slavcatchski did have the special fishes but not the drinkery although did do have of some the vodka as is of his taste he does do like sometimes of special treat.

The day is much lovely for special lovely day of wonderful country Australia and we are to be shining and waving the flag for tonight and all for future as is much lovely and winderful.

Please to be having the day of wonderfuls.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

January 27th, 2011 at 12:55am


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