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Pen Licence

An email to 2GB and MTR’s C Team: Mark Levy, Chris Bowen and Trevor Long

Good evening gentlemen,

I do remember the pen licence quite vividly because I had to qualify for mine twice!

In year 3 my teacher insisted that we had to prove that we were capable of writing neatly in order to use a pen. My handwriting, whilst legible, was an incoherent combination of upper and lower case letters, so for example all of my As were in lower case, all of my Es, Qs and Rs, were in upper case. My teacher hated this, but eventually allowed me to use a pen when I started writing the occasional upper case A in the correct spot.

In year 4, my teacher refused to let anyone write in pencil because it was too faint for him to read.

Then in year 5 I had my year 3 teacher again, and she made everyone re-qualify for their pen licence.

Mind you, she was a tad odd. According to her, Sorbolene Cream solved virtually every problem known to man, and muting your television while recording with your VCR would prevent the recording from having any sound…and she kept reminding us of it.

Enjoy your evening. I hope to hear y’all again soon!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

January 15th, 2011 at 08:22pm

Dreaming about an unusual trip to the optometrist

Last night (or perhaps yesterday afternoon, given the time of day that my sleep started) I had an odd dream about my upcoming visit to the optometrist which I mentioned the other day.

In the dream I was walking through the alarm clock department of David Jones in the Canberra Centre in Civic which was a fairly large section with many shelves of alarm clocks and golden down-lighting, when I realised that it was 5:15pm and that I had to go to the optometrist, so I went to the building and entered through the side door, when it occurred to me that I had forgotten to retrieve cash from an ATM for my appointment.

I then rapidly scurried back to the Canberra Centre which had morphed in to Westfield Chatswood and found “The ATM Shop” where a very large and cranky ATM ate my ATM card and started berating me like the blackboard in Mr. Squiggle. The cranky ATM eventually agreed to dispense some money as long as I would listen to him singing. The ATM then started singing, and the dream ended.

As long as my visit to the optometrist on Tuesday isn’t as bizarre as that, I’ll be happy.


January 15th, 2011 at 02:45am

Today in history

An email to 2UE’s John Kerr

Good morning John,

I just heard you mention that it's two years since US Airways Flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River. That time really has gone quickly. That was a truly amazing bit of flying by Captain Chesley Sullenberger and his crew, and it was wonderful to be able to hear a good news story about a plane's unplanned return to earth. It is rare that an unexpected landing like that turns out so well, and it's a real credit to the Captain and his crew. Do you think that, in years to come, that landing may come up as a question in TV Quiz Shows?

I remember where I was when the news of that started to come through on the radio. I was driving back to Canberra on the morning of the 16th, which was of course the afternoon of the 15th in New York. It's funny how there are some news events where your exact location and what you were doing at the time can stick in your mind so vividly. I find something similar with talk radio in that I will often remember what I was doing or where I was when a particular discussion was happening. For example, I remember being on a dirt road just outside Canberra one morning when Mike Jeffreys interviewed Doctor Harry Cooper.

Also I would like to thank you John for playing Simon And Garfunkel's "Baby Driver". That's a wonderful song and, like you, I hadn't heard it for ages. Many thanks indeed!

Have a wonderful day!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

January 15th, 2011 at 12:38am


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