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Sudden increase in interest in John Kerr?

There has been an explosion in the number of people landing on this blog today after searching for “John Kerr”. Normally I see a few people a day at most. So far there have been 212 arrivals today.

I can’t see any obvious reason for the sudden increase in interest, although it is nice to know that John is a popular man. Would anybody care to enlighten me as to what’s happening with the John Kerrs of the world?


January 17th, 2011 at 03:19pm

The (not late if you’re in Western Australia) Sunday Bits for January 16, 2011

Alas I am not in Western Australia, so I am late for what is a rather short Sunday Bits this week.


Starting at midday, 2CC will be broadcasting Chris Smith’s afternoon show, on relay from 2GB Sydney. Chris Smith will replace 2UE’s Mike Smith afternoon show on 2CC, which in turn (on 2UE anyway) replaces the Tim Webster afternoon show.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it was time for Tim to go…it probably had been for a year or two. I liked Tim’s show in its first year, but after that 2UE tried their hardest to turn it in to an endless parade of lifestyle segments and killed off any interest that I had in the show. I did continue to listen intermittently to the news-based segments, but even that was hard when Tim kept bringing on people who wanted to explain that we’re all doomed because of global warming, and it’s all our fault. It became even harder when Tim suddenly and without warning changed his mind one afternoon and became outraged about the carbon tax. As nice as it was for Tim to espouse a sensible opinion on the subject, as he never explained the backflip and even went so far as to pretend that there wasn’t one, I could never believe that he meant what he was saying. As such, I gave up listening completely.

Alas Tim moves to weekend afternoons, replacing Clive Robertson. I can’t describe how annoying this is without screaming.

But back to the two Smiths. Either would be better than the Webster show, however I do rate Michael Smith more highly than Chris Smith. That said, in Sydney I doubt that Michael will put a noticeable dent in Chris’ ratings. Chris has the Alan Jones and Ray Hadley ratings as a lead-in, so I doubt that he’ll lose any significant ground, but I will give plenty of credit to 2UE for building a viable alternative lineup. Jason Morrison (ex 2GB and to be confirmed), David Oldfield, Michael Smith, Paul Murray, The Two Murrays, Stuart Bocking and Mike Jeffreys, is at the very least a lineup which has a chance, unlike last year’s lineup.

As for 2CC, well I suppose it makes sense for them seeing as they’re already running 2GB programming between 9 and noon, and it will at least mean that, finally, 2GB’s on-air claim that they have network stations other than MTR (which doesn’t count seeing as it’s 2GB’s Melbourne outpost) on shows other than Ray Hadley and Weekend Detention will have some truth to it. The real question now is whether 2GB’s evening and overnight lineup could be the next thing to appear on 2CC’s lineup.


Padders over at The Right Aussie filmed a couple car trips and sped them up quite significantly. The results are quite enjoyable.

It reminds me of a plan I had back when the initial GDE construction was completed, to film a journey from the far end of Gungahlin Drive to Tharwa, which is of course now one very long road with multiple names. I might do that when the current GDE works are completed.


You might want to mark May 21 in your diary and make sure that you have your affairs in order by then, because that has been confirmed as the date on which the world will end…or at least, when it will start to end. The true end is another five months away.

2011 AD – On May 21st, Judgment Day will begin and the rapture (the taking up into heaven of God’s elect people) will occur at the end of the 23-year great tribulation. On October 21st, the world will be destroyed by fire (7000 years from the flood; 13,023 years from creation).

Somehow I think the burning in the fire will come as a relief to many after the five months of torture.

On Judgment Day, May 21st, 2011, this 5-month period of horrible torment will begin for all the inhabitants of the earth. It will be on May 21st that God will raise up all the dead that have ever died from their graves. Earthquakes will ravage the whole world as the earth will no longer conceal its dead (Isaiah 26:21). People who died as saved individuals will experience the resurrection of their bodies and immediately leave this world to forever be with the Lord. Those who died unsaved will be raised up as well, but only to have their lifeless bodies scattered about the face of all the earth. Death will be everywhere.

Yes, the zombie apocalypse is upon us. And you thought it would never happen…


That’ll do it for this week. More Sunday Bits next week, hopefully on Sunday.


January 17th, 2011 at 02:20am


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