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Lord Monckton’s Australian lecture tour dates

Lord Christopher Monckton’s people have been kind enough to provide some more information about his upcoming lecture tour. The exact schedule is still subject to change, but as of this moment the following is known:

Wednesday 27.1.10 – 5.30pm – Sydney – Grand Ballroom, The Sheraton on The Park, Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Thursday 28.1.10 – 12.30pm – Newcastle – Banquette Hall, Newcastle City Hall, King Street Newcastle.
Friday 29.1.10 – 12.30 Lunch – Brisbane – Grand ballroom, Hilton Hotel, Queen Street, Brisbane
Saturday 30.1.10 – 2pm – Noosa – The J at Noosa Junction
Monday 1.2.10 – 12.30pm – Melbourne TBA
Tuesday 2.2.10 – 2pm – Melbourne – Grand Ballroom, Sofitel Hotel
Wednesday 3.2.10 Canberra
Thursday 4.2.10 – 2pm – Adelaide – Venue TBA
Monday 8.2.10 – 2pm – Perth – Venue TBA

I’m informed that details which are a bit more concrete should be available in a week or so.

In the meantime, I have been asked to pass on the following letter about Lord Monckton’s tour. It is available here in its original form.

Lord Monckton in Australia
(Please spread this message widely) 21 Dec. 2009

Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (Christopher Lord Monckton) has agreed to come on a lecture tour in Australia in late January 2010. Professor Ian Plimer will accompany Christopher Monckton on a whirlwind tour of the mainland capital cities starting in Sydney on January 26th and finishing in Perth on February 8th. Unfortunately we cannot fit in Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Lady Juliet Monckton will come as well, in part to monitor Lord Monckton’s health.

Prof. Plimer says the following of Lord Monckton: “although I modestly state that I am a good performer, he is superb and I have seen him fielding a very hostile BBC and other networks. He has the ability to change thinking……”.

Given the now generally-acknowledged lack of understanding among the Australian general public of the underlying reasons for a “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme” and the likely effects thereof, it is critical that the public gets a chance to hear a globally-recognised presenter to explain the rational understanding of the whole issue. Lord Monckton is the ideal person to carry out this task and to also put it to the mass media.

[Tour date details removed – see details above or download the PDF]

As you can understand, the cost of this exercise will be very substantial as we have to fly Lord and Lady Monkton to and from Australia, all his domestic travel and accommodation plus a “stipend” of $20,000. Our aim is to cover these costs from donations from individuals, appropriate associations and corporations; we expect the required total to be of the order of $100,000. We would like to keep the cost of admission to Monckton’s lectures at around $20 so as to maximise the number of people that will come to hear him.

We have had a number of donations already of $1,000 (and higher) and would prefer donations to be of that order, but of course any amount is very welcome. Should there be a surplus, this, depending on the amount, will be given to Lord Monckton and/or the Climate Sceptics Party which is assisting with this project.

Your donations should be directed to:
Westpac Bank – Lord Monckton Tour account
Bank BSB: 035612
Account: 253068

Thank you in advance for your support of this nationally important project.

Case Smit BSc CIH(ret) CP(Env) FAusIMM
Noosaville Qld. 4566
07 5473 0475

John Smeed D.MechE FIEAust CPEng RPEQ
Noosa Heads, Qld. 4567
07 5474 8928

As promised, I will continue to keep you updated.


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The Rush Limbaugh Gym of Weston?

I’ve been meaning to write this article for many months but have struggled to find a decent quality copy of the EIB Network logo and as a result, kept putting it off. This changed this morning when The Rush Limbaugh Show upgraded their “dittocam” (webcam) stream to an “HD” stream. Personally I don’t think it qualifies as “high definition” at a 640×480 resolution…but it’s a vast improvement over the tiny old Windows Media and Real Player webcam streams, so I’ll let it pass…especially seeing as I can see things clearly enough in his studio now to work out that his web/email computer is a Mac.

DittocamHD screenshot

You can see the EIB logo in a few places in that image. The EIB logo has been around for years.

In late 2008, after having driven past it on an almost daily basis for months, I noticed the remarkable similarity between the EIB logo, and the logo of the Edge Health Club in Weston. Edge opened in early 2008 and have therefore not been around for anywhere near as long as the EIB logo.

Edge Health Club Weston

Pretty similar…especially when you look at the two side-by-side.

EIB Network logoEdge Health Club logo

Could it be that the owners of the Edge Health Club are Rush Limbaugh fans and are subtly promoting Rush with their logo?


January 8th, 2010 at 07:48am

More proof that I really can’t sing!

Anybody who has been reading this blog for long enough knows that my singing is, to say the least, disturbing. The original intro for Samuel’s Persiflage is a good indication of that…but every now and then an invitation comes along to prove it all over again. Today is one of those days.

It’s KXNT’s Morning Source host Alan Stock’s birthday today and I was always intending on calling in to “The Flip” segment to wish him a happy birthday, but at the beginning of The Flip, Boss (KXNT Program Director Jack Landreth) issued a directive that everybody who called the flip had to wish Alan a happy birthday in song…it was also discussed that Sue Lowden, candidate for the Nevada Republican ticket in the 2010 senate election, who popped in earlier in the morning to wish Alan a happy birthday, had brought in a cake (I mention this to provide context to what follows). I managed to get through as the last caller of the morning…

Download MP3

My singing might be awful, but the wish is the same. Happy Birthday Alan!


January 8th, 2010 at 03:59am


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