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Happy New Year John!

An email to 2UE’s John Kerr

Good morning and felicitations to you John,

I was planning on sleeping through the start of the new year as the changeover from one year to the next doesn't really phase me, however the fireworks at midnight woke me with a decent bit of rattling of the walls. Nattie (the lovely little dog in residence) was quite concerned by the fireworks and insisted on a cuddle and shelter in my room…sadly I have been unable to get her to stay in her own bed since then, and she has taken up residence on my bed, as you can see in the attached photo. I might try to coax her back to her own bed later.

By the way, I would be interested in your thoughts on whether this year is the first or last year of the decade. I have had this debate with myself and with a friend…in one way it's not the start of the decade as there was no year "zero", making years ending in "one" the first year and years ending in "zero" the last year of any decade, but to the same extent we name decades such as the "eighties", "nineties", "noughties" etc. I suppose it could be argued that every year starts a new decade, depending on how you measure decades.

It could also be argued that I give these things too much consideration.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Nattie dozing

Update: Just fixed the image…no idea why it didn’t work properly to begin with. End Update

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