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Horse confusionings

This morning I did do of say of the horse tippings from Mr. Boss of horse three in the number five race which is before I was doing the realise of that there is and are many different places for the horses to have racing and they are of do each have own numbers of races.

I did went to betting shop in morning time to buy one dollar of betting on horse and was then of in graden workings for Mr. Boss in 3:40 time when races was do happen and so did stop of plantings to listen to the radio for the racings and did hear of the other horse doing the winnings and not the Interna horses that I did have of the ticket on writings on ticket.

I then did do go back to work of gardens in the plantings of the petunias which I am have been moving from spot of much afternoon sunshine to the morning sunshine as for heat is too much in afternoon times for having of petunias locationed there and some have not been of growing well much. So much and many plantings are now to be move to spot of where I did do say is good for planting in first time but is not the much of scenic as for doing Mr. Boss of entertainments for guests in garden. I was did have radio on still and was doing listen to horses racing as I was forget of to do change station to the 702 for hearings of Mr. Richard who is man of nice voice for singings which he should be do more of and did hear other races doing start. and one doing finish.

Mr. Boss was in shed near house and I did do hear of screamings from there loud and ran over with shovel as I was thinking of worried and Mr. Boss had been have of the injury happen and ran over much concern to see only that Mr. Boss was happy and was of thankfully not hurt at all much and did tell me then of his horse of friend owners and jockeys was do the winnings which was much of the confusion as I had heard it not do happen. I did do say this to Mr. Boss and he did have the chucklers and many laughings and was of asking to see ticket as I did do show and then was more of the laughetfter. He was then did do say explanation of horse being racing in of Brisbane and not in of Sydney and which was of why I was had wrong horse.

The horse was of race five and three number but was in of Brisbane and of name Fly To Win where it did the winnings and was much of the wonderful. I was much happy for Mr. Boss and did do ask if he would be liking cup of tea for cebleratings which he was much happy for, and he then did say to me of the sorry for hearing of my do mistake and confusions and so did offer to pay to me of money which I was would have done winnings if I had been correct of placings of betting shop. I did not much want to accept but Mr. Boss did give to me of the $7.60 anyway which was much lovely, and so on way home I did do stop at fish shop for buying of fish with winnings and then did go to home to have nice special meal with nice cat Slavcatchski of the Fish Kchuch with the extra pepper and capsicum of which Slavcatchski is very much like of the pepper and capsicum even more than he is do like of fish! I think he if is cat of strange at times but it is so much lovely and wonderful.

I am still having confusions of the how it does do work that bettings can happen on horses without doing purchase of the horses, and so Mr. Boss has said of he will do explainings on the Friday as I did do of say to him that I would be go to betting shop to ask them and he was having laughters and did do say that he would be happy for explaining to me.

Also I must be doing mention of thank you to Mr. Samuel for opportunity to do writings and I am do hope to be having column regularly back on of Monday time as well as long that I am do have the times for writing in prepperations for the examination test of the English lessons which does do happen on Tuesday night.

I am wish you much lovely and good happyness and health to you and family as does Mother Of Russia who did do say to me on telephelone that she is enjoying weather of Russia but Uncle Boris is finding the colds to be very much cold this year and is thinking of do the visitings to Australia is months soon, and she hopes all of people in Australia are much happy and warm and will keep the warm away from her nice house of the cold.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

December 9th, 2009 at 09:45pm

Dear to Mrs. Lynn

Dear hello to Mrs. Lynn who did do of the writings today.

I am very much thankful for lovely writings from you and of about my English lessons which are doing happen nicely and will be sitting test for certificates in soon time which teacher Mrs. Porritt is doing say of think will be do able for passing as does make me much happy.

Please do be having the day of much lovely to you and I am sorry as for the times it did do take for me to be doing approve of the writings as I was not much aware of how to be do find place for doing approve of writings.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

3 comments December 9th, 2009 at 05:31pm

Mr. Jim is away time now

Dear and hello to the day today for all of readings here.

I have been doing listen to of the 2UE radio station of the nights of previous and have been do notice of Mr. Jim has do go away on the hodliday times now which is much of nice for him but not of to me as I am do think he is the man of lovely who does many good talkings of the sensible at night times and I am do miss his show. There is other man now to be doing the talkings who is also nice man but I am not to do think is of having same conversations of the maningful much as Mr. Jim was of the do.

I am to be hoping that Mr. Jim is doing times good lovely and will be back on of radio in soon time.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

1 comment December 9th, 2009 at 12:29pm

The Horse tippings

Nice Mr. Boss has done do of say that he does do think much of the horse three in race five today which is horse of he does do know of owner and jockey and is much wonderful horse. I am to be placing bet of the five dollars on for lunch time today as will be interesting of to be see.

I am to hope that it is for luck of you totday too.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

December 9th, 2009 at 09:26am

Nice Mr Vladimir

Dear day of again today hello for all of the readings.

Mr. Samuel does do come back to the afternoon today and so I am do hope to be writing some more of before he does do come back time.

Yesterday and last night I did do the call on tepehelephone to Mother of Russia and we did many talkings and also the singings as well as did Mother of Russia place of telephpelephelone to mouse Squeelivich who was having restings after the cheeses bit did do of squeaking and I am did do say to hello as is lovely mouse of mine pet but doing live in the Russia for the laws and rules of the customs which are of on the airports for the security and goodly of plantings and animals for not of diseases to be coming in to nice lovely country Australia.

Mother of Russia did do say of good newses from nice Mr. Vladimir who is the prime ministering of the Russia and was once much wonderful man of the president and he is doing say of maybe and perhaps to be going to vote for the Presidentings as again which would much be wonderful for lovely country as he is man of the much nice and more than Mr. Dmitry who is good of name but not in such lovely as Mr. Vladimir. Mr. Dmitry is does remind me of Mr. Morris of the formerly parliamentarying of the New South Wales as is man of not the much funny but is very much serious man. He is much good of the activities but is not the good as much as Mr. Vladimir of the do.

I am to be hope of seeing Nice Mr. Vladimir to be presidenting again in soon time as even though much not of in country and am now proud to be citizen of lovely country Australia is is also with family in of Russia to be good to be doing watch and monitor of newses of from there.

I am to be hope of good to you today as I am do much and many more of the gradrens.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

December 9th, 2009 at 05:16am


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