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Nice Mr Vladimir

December 9th, 2009 at 05:16am

Dear day of again today hello for all of the readings.

Mr. Samuel does do come back to the afternoon today and so I am do hope to be writing some more of before he does do come back time.

Yesterday and last night I did do the call on tepehelephone to Mother of Russia and we did many talkings and also the singings as well as did Mother of Russia place of telephpelephelone to mouse Squeelivich who was having restings after the cheeses bit did do of squeaking and I am did do say to hello as is lovely mouse of mine pet but doing live in the Russia for the laws and rules of the customs which are of on the airports for the security and goodly of plantings and animals for not of diseases to be coming in to nice lovely country Australia.

Mother of Russia did do say of good newses from nice Mr. Vladimir who is the prime ministering of the Russia and was once much wonderful man of the president and he is doing say of maybe and perhaps to be going to vote for the Presidentings as again which would much be wonderful for lovely country as he is man of the much nice and more than Mr. Dmitry who is good of name but not in such lovely as Mr. Vladimir. Mr. Dmitry is does remind me of Mr. Morris of the formerly parliamentarying of the New South Wales as is man of not the much funny but is very much serious man. He is much good of the activities but is not the good as much as Mr. Vladimir of the do.

I am to be hope of seeing Nice Mr. Vladimir to be presidenting again in soon time as even though much not of in country and am now proud to be citizen of lovely country Australia is is also with family in of Russia to be good to be doing watch and monitor of newses of from there.

I am to be hope of good to you today as I am do much and many more of the gradrens.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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