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Long day

Got in to work just after 4:30am. Spent most of the day babysitting Fairfax’s mess. Now babysitting (panelling) Sports Today off a webstream until 7pm when Fairfax reckon the sound quality on the satellite will go back to normal.

Back tomorrow at 4:30am to actually do some of my work…aka prepare some news. I’m glad it rained today…instant story and a grab from Weatherzone. I have some sport left over from the weekend and a few useful press releases to recycle. It won’t be the best news ever tomorrow, but it’s going to air which, under the circumstances, I think is pretty good.


May 25th, 2009 at 06:13pm

Big W, a new coat, and voicetracking

I couldn’t get to sleep until 2am this morning which was most annoying, and made me wonder if perhaps I should just go to work early. Eventually I did get to sleep and had a dream which bordered on being a nightmare, which was probably a good thing as it woke me up at 4:30am, just in time to go to work.

The dream started with me talking to a friend from whom I once borrowed a car. I was talking to him about how I had a job interview at Big W coming up which I wasn’t really looking forward to…he had the opposite view and thought it would be an absolutely wonderful job (in hindsight, I should have told him that if it was so great, he should go to the interview), and that I needed a new dark coat for the interview.

I reluctantly agreed that a new coat would be a good idea, and he offered to take me to a store selling dark coats later in the day. I then went to the top of a section of the Canberra Centre (which no longer exists) where my laptop was floating…although I ignored the laptop and decided that I really didn’t want to get a coat today, so I rang the aforementioned friend to inform them of this decision, which they begrudgingly accepted. We instead decided to get the coat tomorrow.

After this I went home and noticed that my parents were sitting in the spare room playing cards and listening to 1WAY FM (it was the afternoon according to the dream), which for one reason or another was playing my Sunday afternoon 2QN/3NE voicetracking.

I went in to my room to go to bed and sleep, but noticed that my bed was missing. It had been replaced by a curtain.

The dream then ended abruptly.


1 comment May 25th, 2009 at 12:59pm

Fixed? Leon Byner is not what I call “fixed”

Fairfax syndication’s website says:

Most services are now restored. However, live news on w’end aft, nghts, and M-F Drive will have faults. Repairs should be completed by 2/6/2009. Prefed and Rural News are also on DC.

Uh huh, so fixed means that you were feeding Neil Mitchell on the Auxillary channel earlier, and Leon Byner from Adelaide now? Yep, having to manually download news from Digital Courier because you send the wrong program on the auxillary channel is what I call fixed!


Oh, and tell Neil Mitchell that he is a break behind will you…

Update 2:48pm: Apparently having Leon Byner on the aux channel is intentional due to a lack of circuits until a part arrives from Israel. It would have been nice to have been told in advance. End Update


May 25th, 2009 at 11:17am

2QN/Classic Rock regional news headlines: May 25, 2009

A middle aged man was airlifted to Melbourne Hospital on Saturday after a collision between a motorcycle and a ute in Tongala.

Motivational speaker Tom O’Toole visited the Deniliquin Business Chamber on Friday night. Tom, the man behind the famous Beechworth Bakery, said that he came to Deni to inspire local businesses to prosper through the tough times.

Conargo Shire residents are being encouraged to have their say at community meetings being held on Wednesday.
Council’s draft 2009-10 budget and proposed roadworks are among items set to dominate discussions.

South Australian artists Terry and Lorraine Letwitzka visited the Edward River Art Society yesterday for some workshops.
President of the society, Helen Lostroh, says they hope to have Terry and Lorraine back in the future.

The red cross is running a workshop at Deniliquin High School aimed at giving students the skills to cope with mental illness.

In the Picola Netball league:
Wunghnu defeated Yarroweyah 56 to 42
The Deni Rovers scraped home over Picola United 32 to 23
Strathmerton were too good for Berrigan 53 to 31
Mathoura downed Blighty 46 to 25
And Jerilderie had the bye

In Football, The Dookie United South East league saw:
Katunga thrash Rennie 113 to 65
Shepparton East defeated Katamatite 102 to 96
Tungamah downed Katandra 141 to 97
and Waaia defeated Dookie 127 to 60

And in the North West:
Berrigan had a narrow win over Strathmerton 68 to 61
Mathoura defeated Blighty 70 to 56
The Deni Rovers were too good for Picola United 69 to 32
and Yarroweyah downed Wunghnu 129 to 63
Jerilderie had the bye

In Golden Rivers Football:
Moulamein downed Hay 97 to 85
Murrabit defeated Quambatook 86 to 78
Nullawil thrashed Ultima 135 to 66
and Wandella obliterated Wakool 144 to 21

In Kyabram district football
Murchison had a narrow win over Ardmona 94 to 91
Girgarre scraped home over Avenel 64 to 60
Lancaster were too good for Merrigum 117 to 69
Rushworth downed Violet Town 101 to 81
Stanhope defeated Tallygaroopna 83 to 68
And Undera and Nagambie drew on 80 points each

And in Murray Valley Football
Sunraysia downed North Central 179 to 68
Yarrawonga defeated Bellaraine 129 to 62
Wimmera were too good for Western Border 132 to 67
Bendigo won a high scoring encounter against Ballarat 138 to 117
Horsham downed Mallee 147 to 106
and Murray thrashed Central Murray 146 to 58

1 comment May 25th, 2009 at 09:51am

My phone is complaining

There are two laws of mobile phones:
1. If you take it in the shower, it will ring
2. If you have run out of space for text messages, one will be sent to you when you are nowhere near your phone, you will notice half an hour later, delete some old messages and have to wait three weeks for the new message to arrive.

Right now I’m three quarters of the way through law number two…I dealt with law number one last week, and the week before, and the week before that. I should just stop taking the phone in to the bathroom.


May 25th, 2009 at 09:45am

On 1WAY FM this morning

At about 7:45am I’ll be chatting with James Scott about a couple artists visiting Deniliquin.

I was tempted to talk about the local sport scores, but it’d sound like I was reading an irrelevant shopping list for an hour.


May 25th, 2009 at 07:35am

Why you shouldn’t leave your dog alone with the phone

From ananova:

Police feared the worse [sic] when they received a 999 call which sounded as if a serious attack was underway.

Operatives heard whining noises and a man shouting: “Come out or else – I’m warning you”, reports Sky News.

Then the line went dead. Fearing the worst, police rang back – but it turned out to be a shaggy dog story.

A very apologetic woman confirmed that all was well and that the culprit was her pet dog Bailey.

The 14-month-old golden retriever had grabbed the house phone in his mouth and ran off into the garden.

The emergency call operator had heard the woman’s husband trying to get the dog to come out from his hiding place behind the garden shed.

Bailey had inadvertently dialled 999 while attempting to keep his grip on the phone.

UK sitcom The IT Crowd solved this problem a few years back by making the emergency number just a tad harder to dial.

Sadly the government didn’t implement the idea, although there might be a good reason for that:


May 25th, 2009 at 07:30am


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